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Index of articles for Traveller published in White Dwarf Magazine

Issue Title Category Description
White Dwarf 3 News Traveller Boxed Set by GDW mentioned
White Dwarf 6 Traveller Review
White Dwarf 9 The Experienced Traveller rules Experience System Part 1 - Improvement via skill use
White Dwarf 10 The Experienced Traveller rules Experience System Part 2 - Improvement via training
White Dwarf 11 Fire-Arms : 3000 A.D. rules *The Hand Blaster
  • The Blast Rifle
  • Concussion Rifle Sonic
  • The L.P.L. Stungun Low Power Laser
  • Incendiary Rifle
  • The Anagun Needler
  • The Plasma Blade
  • Pellet Clip Bracelet For Pellet Grenades
  • Pellet Grenades Explosive, Knockout Gas, Blackout Gas (causes blindness)
  • The Power Holster Auto-draw holster for forearm
News GW Licensed Edition mentioned
White Dwarf 13 Expanding Universe rules Additions to Traveller Rules, Part 1 (Also in Best of 80)
White Dwarf 14 Expanding Universe rules Additions to Traveller Rules, Part 2 (Also in Best of 80)
Open Box Review Review of Traveller releases by GDW
  • Mercenary Book 4
  • 1001 Characters Supplement 1
White Dwarf 15]] Expanding Universe Additions to Traveller Rules, Part 3 (Also in Best of 80)
Open Box Review of Traveller releases

Judges Guild

  • Traveller Screen
  • The Traveller Logbook
  • Starships and Spacecraft

Animal Encounters Supplement 2 by GDW

White Dwarf 16 Expanding Universe rules Additions to Traveller Rules, Part 4 (Also in Best of 80)
Open Box Review Snapshot, Rules for simulating skirmishes aboard starships by GDW
White Dwarf 17 The Sable Rose Affair Scenario Scenario adaptable for use with Snapshot, compatible with The Kinunir (Traveller Adventure 1)
White Dwarf 18 Open Box Review Dra'k'ne Station adventure for Traveller by Judges Guild
White Dwarf 19 Criminals rules Alternative livelihood for Travellers
White Dwarf 20 Star Patrol rules Scout Service in Traveller (Also in Best of 83)
Open Box Review *High Guard Book 5
  • The Spinward Marches Supplement 3
  • Citizens of the Imperium Supplement 4
Starbase rules Traveller Campaigns (Also in Best of 83)
White Dwarf 21 Open Box Review of Azhanti High Lightening by GDW
Starbase Glazer Range - Arctic mini-situation
White Dwarf 22 Robe and Blaster Upgrading Aristocracy in Traveller
Starbase Port Facilities
White Dwarf 23
White Dwarf Interview Interview Marc Miller, author of Traveller
Open Box Review of Leviathan, Traveller Adventure 4 by GDW
Starbase Khazad-Class Seeker Starship
White Dwarf 24 Backdrop of Stars Setting up Traveller Campaigns
Open Box Review of Twilight's Peak, Traveller Adventure 3 by GDW
Starbase Laser Sword and Foil
White Dwarf 25 The Self-Made Traveller Optional Skill Acquisition (Also in Best of 83)
Open Box Review of Mission on Mithril/Across the Bright Face, Double Adventure 2 by GDW
Blowout Vacc Suits in Traveller
Starbase The Ship's Library - Fiction source material (Also in Best of 83, also see "Starbase Ideas for Traveller" in White Dwarf 30 )
White Dwarf 26 Open Box High Guard (2nd Ed.), Traveller Book 5 by GDW
Starbase Jump Drive Problems
Amber to Red Scenario
White Dwarf 27 The Imperial Secret Service
Open Box Review of releases for Traveller
  • Deluxe Edition Traveller by GDW
  • IISS Ship Files for Traveller by GW
  • Traders and Gunboats, Traveller Supplement 7 by GDW
Starbase On the Cards - Reference System for Weapons
White Dwarf 28 The Magic Jar Converting characters from one RPG to another
Starbase Sorry - Short scenario
Open Box *The Ley Sector by Judges Guild
  • Marooned/Marooned Alone (Double Adventure 4) by GDW
  • Library Data (Supplement 8) by GDW
On Target A Critical Hit System
White Dwarf 29 Open Box *Fifth Frontier War boardgame set in Traveller mileu by GDW
  • Sorag Zhodani organization by Paranoia Press
Starbase The Mudskipper - A Multi-Terrain Vehicle (Also in Best of 83)
Weed War : Dinorian Scenario for 2-8 players
White Dwarf 30 Androids in Traveller Career Variant
Open Box Invasion Earth boardgame set in Traveller mileu by GDW
Starbase Ideas for Traveller - Source Material
White Dwarf 31 Prior Service in Traveller An alternative for generating characters from the Navy and Marines
Open Box Reviews *Ordeal by Eshaar
  • Action Aboard
  • Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars
  • The Legend of the Sky Raiders
Starbase Additional Detector Systems for Traveller Starships (Also in Best of White Dwarf Articles III)
White Dwarf 32 STLSlower Than Light Ships rules
Starbase Striker - Design of Civilian Vehicles
White Dwarf 33 Weapons for Traveller
Open Box Striker, 2nd Ed. - Traveller Miniature Rules by GDW
Starbase Guns for Sale
  • Weapon Availability
  • Weapon Prices
White Dwarf 34 Droids Robots for Traveller
  • Morality in Traveller
  • The Mahwrs
White Dwarf 35 Starbase ...We have a Referee Malfunction! Hints and tips for the referee
Green Horizon Scenario A 20th century Traveller scenario
White Dwarf 36 An Introduction to Traveller Part 1Players and Characters
Microview Sector and Starburst - BASIC programs to generate sector maps
Open Box FASA
  • Merchant Class Ships - Aslan
  • Merchant Class Ships - The FCI Consumer Guide
White Dwarf 37 An Introduction to Traveller, Part 2Refereeing
Starbase Striker Design Competition Winner - Drone Vehicle
White Dwarf 38 An Introduction to Traveller Part 3Scenarios (Also see White Dwarf 36 , 37 & 39 )
Open Box The Traveller Book by GDW
White Dwarf 39 Open Box FASA
  • Rescue on Galatea
  • The Trail of the Sky Raiders


  • Adventure 8 Prison Planet
  • Double Adventure 6 Night of Conquest/Divine Intervention
An Introduction to Traveller Part 4Campaigns (Also see White Dwarf 36 , 37 & 38 )
Starbase Stand by to Repel Boarders - Starship Security
White Dwarf 40 Assignment Survey! Explorer Class Scoutships (Used in The Snowbird Mystery scenario in White Dwarf 41 )
White Dwarf 41 Open Box Traveller Supplement 10 The Solomani Rim by GDW
The Snowbird Mystery Scenario
Starbase The Covert Survey Bureau - An Imperial Intelligence Agency
White Dwarf 42 catch a thief... Crime Prevention, Perpetration and Detection
Microview Careers in Traveller - BASIC program to generate Book 1 characters
White Dwarf 43 Starbase Vehicle Combat (Also see "Arms and the Man" article in White Dwarf 63 )
Happy Landings Starport Design in Traveller
White Dwarf 44 On ICE! Interstellar Charter Enterprises - An Organisation for Traveller Scenarios and Campaigns
White Dwarf 45 Starbase Gateway to Adventure - An Introduction to Traveller Scenarios
White Dwarf 46 Worldy Power Additional Government Types for Traveller (Also in Best of White Dwarf Articles III)
  • Non-Technological Feudalism
  • Demarchy
  • Technological Theocracy
  • Abstract Supreme Authority
  • Sample Scenarios Using Non-Standard Governments
  • Survey Mission
  • High Lords
  • Trading Permit
White Dwarf 47 Starbase Aliens
  • The Phulgk'k'k'k
  • The Ghashruan
White Dwarf 48 Open Box Traveller Starter Edition by GDW
Database Computers in Traveller
White Dwarf 49 Shuttle Scuttle Scenario for two opposing groups Conversions for Space Opera and Laserburn also provided
Open Box Review of Traveller releases by GDW
  • Supplement 12 - Forms and Charts
  • Supplement 13 - Veterans
  • Adventure 9 - Nomads of the World Ocean
Starbase A Fleeting Encounter - Book 2 Fleets
White Dwarf 50 A Few Small Formalities sRed Tape in Traveller
Open Box Tarsus scenario for Starter Traveller by GDW
Microview Have Computer, Will Travel - BASIC Programs for Vehicle Design
  • Striker Vehicle Components Record
  • Speed of Vehicle with Wheels and Grav unit
White Dwarf 51 Starbase Extending UPPs for NPCs
White Dwarf 52 To Live Forever Immortallity in Traveller
White Dwarf 53 Open Box Book 6 - Scouts by GDW
Starbase Three of a Kind - NPCs for Traveller
White Dwarf 54 The Name of the Game Part 3 A Beginner's Guide to RPGs - Sci-Fi RPGs
Open Box Reviews Adventure 11 - Murder on Arcturus Station by GDW
White Dwarf 55 The Edge of Infinity Variant Universes in Traveller
White Dwarf 56 Plying the Spacelanes Ship Encounters in Traveller
White Dwarf 57 Open Box The Traveller Adventure by GDW
Sky Rig]] Scenario Scenario for 3-6 Characters, requires Books 1-5
Starbase]] The Staurni - An Alien Race for Traveller
White Dwarf 58 Microview Grow Your Own Planets - BASIC Program
For a Few Credits More Money in Traveller
White Dwarf 59 Starbase CORE - Consulary Office of Reconnaisance and Exploration
White Dwarf 60 Boarding Stations Hints and Hazards for the Professional Privateer in SF RPG
White Dwarf 61 Starbase The Motivated Traveller - Character Goals
White Dwarf 62 An Alien Werewolf in London Scenario for 2-4 players from Imperial Intelligence
White Dwarf 63 Arms and the Man Or, How to Kill Vehicles (And Stop Your Vehicle From Being Killed)

Follow-up to "Starbase Vehicle Combat" article in White Dwarf 43

Starbase Imperial Trooper
White Dwarf 64 Open Box Adventure 12 - Secret of the Ancients by GDW
White Dwarf 65 Open Box *Aslan, Alien Module 1
  • K'Kree, Alien Module 2
  • Vargar, Alien Module 3
Smile Please A Unique Traveller Adventure
Starbase The Other Imperium - Civilian Organisations in Traveller
White Dwarf 67 Starbase Worldy Wiles - Social Customs in Traveller
White Dwarf 68 Lone Dragon A Traveller Scenario for 4-7 Characters
The Travellers Comic Stats for Horatio Flinn and Syrene Medusa
White Dwarf 69 Starbase Battle Stations - Ship Combat Damage
The Travellers Comic Stats for Hannibal Jeremiah Hayes and James 'Mad Gav' Gavin
White Dwarf 70 The Travellers Comic Stats for Jason Dinalt and Felix
Dead or Alive The Bounty Hunter as a Career in Traveller
White Dwarf 71 Avionics Failures Losing Your Long-Range Eyes
Tower Trouble A Traveller Adventure for 3-6 Characters
White Dwarf 73 Starbase 3-D Space
White Dwarf 75 Mass Media Communication in Traveller
White Dwarf 82 Mercy Mission A scientific Traveller Adventure