White Dwarf 69

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White Dwarf #69 Cover Date: September 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 Cover GoldenHeroes Mark Bromley *Also appeared in Fighting Fantasy: Out of the Pit (published the same month)
? Rational Behaviour GoldenHeroes Pete Tamlyn Golden Heroes Campaign Ratings - A Useful Game System
? Beneath the Waves AD&D Peter Blancharf Aquatic adventures in AD&D

Part 2: Developing Civilisations

14-15 Open Box Review
  • Marvel Super Heroes RPG Scenarios by TSR
    • MSHP-1 Secret Wars
    • MH-4 Lone Wolves
    • MH-5 Cat's Paw
  • Toon Strikes Again by SJG
  • Conan RPG by TSR
  • Chill: Black Morn Manor boardgame by Pacesetter
16 Critical Mass Review David Langford
18 RuneRites RuneQuest Dave Morris Close Encounters - Close Combat Strike Ranks
19 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud the Destroyer Part 7
22-26 The Surrey Enigma Call of Cthulhu Marcus L Rowland : Scenario for 3-5 Characters
30-34 Plague from the Past AD&D Richard Andrews An AD&D scenario for 4-6 characters of levels 5 to 7
38 Starbase Traveller : Battle Stations - Ship Combat Damage
39 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison : Stats for Hannibal Jeremiah Hayes and James 'Mad Gav' Gavin
42-43 Fiend Factory Golden Heroes David Hume & Peter Haines The Starlight Pact (based on Citadel Golden Heroes Box Set Miniatures )
  • Balthazael
  • Grimalkin
  • Moonblade
  • Ex-Man
  • Paragon
46-47 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Joe Dever : Shopping for Inspiration


  • Citadel
  • Cleric (C03)
    • Sauron on Throne (ME61)
    • Gandalf (ME11)
    • Giant Troll (C20)
    • Balrog (C31)
  • Grenadier Miniatures: Stone Giant Set (3502)
  • Hovels: Resin-cast 25mm buildings
    • Butter Market
    • Thyme House
    • Market Cross
    • Grog Shop
    • Crookhorn House
48 Treasure Chest AD&D Poison - A New and Easy-to-Use System
49 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Gook's tombful timbre
59 The Second Citadel Journal Advert