White Dwarf 70

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White Dwarf Magazine #70 October 1985

White Dwarf #70 Cover Date: October 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Untitled Art Brian Williams
2 Judge Dredd RPG Ad (Boxed Set) by GW
6-7 Tongue Tied AD&D Languages and Literacy in AD&D
8 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Stats for Jason Dinalt and Felix
9 The Coven Golden Heroes Villainous Golden Heroes


  • Cain
  • Salome
  • Mordred
  • Moloch
  • Morgana
  • Group Power: The Stone-Bond
  • Leader: Maximillian
13 Crawling Chaos Call of Cthulhu The Price is Right - Prices in 1920s Britain
14-15 Open Box Review Dungeons & Dragons Modules by TSR
  • X6 Quagmire!
  • X7 The War Rafts of Kron
  • X8 Drums on Fire Mountain
  • DL5 Dragons of Mystery for AD&D Dragonlance by TSR
  • CMD2 The Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan by Integrated Games

(Prequel reviewed in WD 66 )

  • AD&D Battle System by TSR
18-22 Reunion GoldenHeroes & Champions Adventure
25 Blood on the Streets!: Arcane Architecture Ad Village Pack One for WFB 2nd

(12 card model buildings, plus guide to The Riding) by GW

26-27 Dead or Alive Traveller The Bounty Hunter as a Career in Traveller
30-35 In Too Deep AD&D An AD&D Adventure for 3-6 Characters of Levels 4-5

(Based on Beneath the Waves articles in WD 68 , 69 and 70)

40-41 Beneath the Waves AD&D Aquatic adventures in AD&D

Part 3: Creatures from the Depths

44 Thrudd the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow More pinheaded heroics
45 Treasure Chest AD&D Monstrous NPCs
  • Sakaar of the Swamp
  • Goraeus
  • Marian de Ardville
46-47 Tabletop Miniatures Miniatures Joe Dever Chop and Change

Photos: Citadel

  • AD&D Range (various models, unpainted)
  • LoTR Uruk Hai converted by John Blanche
  • Pygmies (C27) painted by Tom Olsen
    • Arg
    • Standard Bearer
    • Shaman
    • Chieftan
  • Mounted Bard (C33) painted by Mark Flack
  • Orc Chieftan (C15) Conversion to Space Orc Merc using Tamiya 1/35th accessories by Gary Chalk Ral Partha
  • Giant Lizard converted by Hamish MacCullum
  • Angel painted by Brian Ackland (Bryan Ansell or Tony Ackland?)
46-47 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Depilatory cartoon escapade with Gook and Niibl
59 Talisman Ad 2nd Edition and Talisman Expansion Set by GW