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John Blanche is a British artist, illustrator, miniatures designer, converter and modeller.

Early Timeline

  • Early collector of Timpo knights, then Airfix models (ACW armies, converting Ancient Britains to Goths).
  • 1960s Art College
  • Building Dioramas for Nottinghamshire Education Authority.
  • 1976 Concept art for Sword & Sorcery range for Garrison. [1]
  • 1976 freelance at Paper Tiger
  • 1977 UK GW edition of D&D (cover)
  • 1978 White Dwarf 4 first front cover for What Dwarf
  • 1979 The Prince and the Woodcutter w.Henry Wolffe
  • 1979 Tolkien Bestiary, David Day.
  • 1979 Heroes RPG Cover [2]
  • 1983-1985 Steve Jackon's Sorcery! .
  • early 80s - Joined Citadel, designing figures (see Heroes for Wargames for drawings - Warriors of Chaos, Broo, Slann, Runequest Trolls etc.).
  • 1985 Games Day Masters comptition winner with the infamous Minotaur Standard Bearer.
  • Art Editor at GW.

External Links

  • Prints of some of Johns early works [3]
  • Axioms collection of early John Blanche conversions of Garrison Miniatures [4]
  • Steve Casey's collection of early (and later) John Blanche conversions of [Asgard Miniatures], Ral Partha, Citadel, [5]
  • Large collection of John Blanche's graphic works, old and new. Gothic Pvnk [6]