White Dwarf 4

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White Dwarf #4

Cover Date: December 1977 / Janurary 1978 Cover Price: 50p / $1.50 << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art John Blanche
4 Alice in Dungeonland General Don Turnbull A Carrollian dungeon adventure
3 Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone Bemoans lack of british manufacturers of board wargames or fantasy games
8 D&D Campaigns D&D Lewis Pulsipher Part II: Mechanics
10 Hyboria Review Tony Bath A history of the fantasy wargaming campaign by Tony Bath.
11 News Review What's happening in the SF/F world
12 Open Box Review SF/F games reviewed:
15 Monsters Mild and Malign D&D Ed Don Turnbull

Part I - Friends of the DM by Don Turnbull

  • Glitch
  • Droll
  • Smoke Creature
  • Smoke Demon
  • Typo Lee Gould
  • Mind Drain
  • Ibem
  • Black Leech
  • Black Monk
  • Black Orc
  • Death Snake
17 Treasure Chest D&D A miscellany of D&D additions:
20 Competitive D&D D&D Fred Hemmings The fifth level, summary and conclusion by Fred Hemmings
22 Letters, Classifieds & Help! Letters Letters, Classifieds & Help!
Back Cover Art Alan Hunter


Page Title Category Description
2 SD*VM STEEL (Esdevium) Mailorder Games list
2 Warriors of the Lost Continent Miniatures Wargame publications, ranges:
  • Son of Set
  • The Elder Races

See Warriors of the Lost Continent at Lost Minis Wiki

2 Games Centre Retail
2 Just Games Retail
6 White Dwarf T-shirt T-shirts Games Workshop
6 Games of Liverpool Retail
7 Archive Miniatures Miniatures Star Rovers range illustrated. Games Workshop exclusive distributors See Archive Star Rovers at Lost Minis Wiki
14 Startroopers / Garrison / Greenwood & Ball Miniatures See [Garrison Miniatures at Lost Minis Wiki]
16 Tally Ho Games Retail Avalon Hill and Leisure Games and lists occult paraphenalia:
  • Black Magic Ritual Kit
  • Witchcraft Ritual Kit
  • Fortune Bones
21 4000 AD Boardgame Waddingtons House of Games
21 Games Day Convention
23 Games Workshop Mailorder List