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Alan Hunter (1923 - 2012) was a fantasy and science fiction artist working primarily in black and white for small-press and fan publications.

Hunter’s artwork appeared regularly in Algol/Starship, Science Fiction Chronicle, It Goes on the Shelf, Science Fantasy Bulletin, and The Zone. The back cover of the final issue of Starship was by him.

Hunter has several credits on early Games Workshop products, including the cover of their Dungeons and Dragons Character Sheet pack, the cover of White Dwarf 3 as well as recurring header for the Fiend Factory column and spot illustrations for the magazine, which led to Alan having many illustrations in the D&D supplement Fiend Folio produced by TSR UK. Many British Fantasy Society publications were also illustrated by Hunter including Chills and Dark Horizons. He was Artist Guest of Honour at the 1981 FantasyCon.

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