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Oldhammer Wiki

The Oldhammer Wiki will become the primary resource for information on the British Old-School Gaming.

Initially focused on Warhammer Fantasy Battle, editions 1, 2 and 3, and aims to become a comprehensive guide to OOP printed material published by Games Workshop between 1979-1991, although other related materials will also be covered, with a bias towards earlier rather than later history.

Current Projects

White Dwarf Index

Currently migrating and expanding the sadly lost Critical Hit / / Exodites White Dwarf index into Wiki format. Category:White Dwarf is a good place to start, as it lists all the White Dwarf magazines currently in the database. The Warhammer (White Dwarf Index) is a guide to all the Warhammer articles in White Dwarf, up to 3rd Edition, or Games Workshop Product History, which runs up to around 2006.

There are a number of indexes covering subjects such as Dungeons & Dragons, Runequest/White_Dwarf_Index and other games, and these are being migrated also. I hope that this will form a solid basis to expand out to create articles on authors, artists that contributed and the companies and games that advertised, creating a comprehensive guide to the British Old School scene. There is a lot of more recent activity to catch up on too.


Ironing out the wiki format. Currently the wiki is advertising funded, to cover hosting costs etc. logged-in users do not see ads. If you want to help out and get a log-in, get in touch with Zhu.

Currently working on getting the "citation templates" working. I was planning on using the same footnote system as Wikipedia as it is very comphrehensive and allows for multiple styles, and makes including content from Wikipedia as a basis for developing articles much easier. However, it looks like Wikipedia have moved to a scripting language, and really I don't get all the wikicode. Also considering a devlog page rather than using the main page for such matters...

Future Projects

That's where you come in. Wiki used for anything, from retro-clone rules development, to maintaining wants-list (in userspace please!)

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