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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was published by Games Workshop in 1986.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Artices in White Dwarf

All articles relate to the first edition of WFRP, appearing from White Dwarf 82 (October 1986) to White Dwarf 141 (August 1991)

Issue Aricle Desciption
White Dwarf 82 Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Preview
White Dwarf 83 The Black Knight Short Adventure
White Dwarf 85 On the Road Two Travelling Encounters
White Dwarf 86 Out of the Garden Gnome Characters
White Dwarf 87 Night of Blood The Enemy Within Campaign Adventure
White Dwarf 87 Open Box Extra A view from inside the design studio.
White Dwarf 88 Hand of Destiny Fate Points
White Dwarf 89 On Ealden Brygen Adventure based on ICE Robin Hood
Onwards & Upwards Character Advancement
White Dwarf 90 Practice Makes Perfect Career Guidance
White Dwarf 91 Oops! Fumbles
Nobelese Nobility and Royalty
White Dwarf 92 No Psychos Needed Racial Psychology
A Fistful of Misprunts Errata
White Dwarf 93 Eureka Adventure in Nuln
Death on The Reik Open Box (Preview?)
Letters From A Foreign Land Multi-System Adventure for 3-5 PCs
White Dwarf 94 A Rough Night at the Three Feathers Adventure for use with Death on the Reik
White Dwarf 95 On The Boil A New Career in a New Town - NPC Teachers
White Dwarf 96 Bar Room Brawl Mayhem in the Mermaid of Altdorf
On The Boil Otto's Printworks in Middenheim
White Dwarf 97 On The Boil Artifacts of Legend
  • Hagmar's Talisman
  • The Great Horned Helm
  • The Oracle of Boku-San
White Dwarf 98 Grapes of Wrath Adventure link between Death on the Reik and The Power Behind the Throne in The Enemy Within Campaign
White Dwarf 99 The Ritual Alternate intro to The Enemy Within campaign
On the Boil Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness (Preview) - Mutations
White Dwarf 100 The Floating Gardens of Bahb-Elonn Adventure
The Floating Gardens of Bahb-Elonn Part II - Adventure
White Dwarf 101 The Affair of the Hidden Jewel Adventure against Outlaws
White Dwarf 102 There's a One-Eyed Fellow Hiding to the South of Kammendun Adventure Fimir
On the Boil Magic Q&A
Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Excerpt - Daemon Names
White Dwarf 103 The Vermilion Pawn Encounter for Magic Item Identification and Evaluation Service
On the Boil Characters & Careers Q&A
Realm of Chaos Slaves to Darkness Excerpt - Chaos Weapons
White Dwarf 104 Ancient Spirits in Kislev Related to Compleat Encounter "Element of Risk" in White Dwarf 107 for Enemy Within Campaign
White Dwarf 105 With a Little Help from my Friends Middenheim Encounter, Can be used with Power Behind the Throne
White Dwarf 106 Night of Mystery Solo Adventure
White Dwarf 107 Element of Risk Compleat Encounter for Enemy Within Campaign Related to "Ancient Spirits in Kislev" Article in White Dwarf 104
White Dwarf 108 Terror in the Darkness Compleat Encounter with wh40k Ambull
White Dwarf 109 Realm of Chaos - The Lost and The Damned The Servants of Chaos
  • The Lords of Change
  • The Great Unclean Ones
White Dwarf 110 Morglum's Marauders Campaign Outline vs. Orc & Goblin Raiders
White Dwarf 111 Wardancers Brief Encounter (Also see Career in White Dwarf 112 )
White Dwarf 112 Wardancers Career for Elven Characters (Also see Encounter in White Dwarf 111 )
White Dwarf 117 Drachenfels Stats for Characters from the Novel
White Dwarf 118 Willkomm en Marienburg! Largest Port City in the Old World
Ignorant Armies Stats for Characters from GW Anthology
White Dwarf 119 Zaragoz Characters from the novel
  • Orfeo
  • Estevan Sceberra
  • Semjaza
  • Arcangelo
Marienburg The Suiddock waterfront & The Pelican's Perch hostelry
White Dwarf 120 Realm of Chaos - The Lost and The Damned Tzeentch
Wolf Riders Characters from the Anthology
  • Wolf Riders Gotrek Gurnisson & Felix Jaegar
  • The Tilean Rat *Sam Warble
  • The Suiddock Temple
  • The Stevedores' & Teamsters' Guild
  • Granny Hetta the Food Vendor
  • Haagen's Wharf
White Dwarf 121 Marienburg Locations & NPCs from Drachenfels Novel
  • The Brotherhood of Seamen & Pilots
  • The Rivermen's Association
  • The Wasteland Export and Import Exchange
  • Handrich, God of Trade
White Dwarf 122 Konrad Stats for Characters from the GW Novel
The Emperor Luitpold Luxury River Liner from Drachenfels Novel
White Dwarf 125 Plague Daemon Characters from Novel
  • Harmis Detz
  • Averil
  • Nicodemus (As an Apprentice!)
  • Ystareth - Plague Daemon
White Dwarf 126 Marienburg Herbalist*The Marienburg Home for Foundlings
  • van Arzneier's Floracopoeia
  • The Edelmoed Temple (to Shallya)
  • Haagen's Wharf
White Dwarf 128 Marienburg Locations
  • Kluger's Emporium
  • Wilhelm Rotkopf, Alchemist
  • Lisette's Leather Goods
White Dwarf 130 The Great Hospice Location from Drachenfels Novel
White Dwarf 132 Ironstone Pass Moutain Encounter for Doomstone
White Dwarf 133 Marienburg Potion Square
  • The Watch House
  • Doktor Markus Puttlangs
  • Old Mother Crumhorn
White Dwarf 135 Marienburg Potion Square
  • Hassan's
  • The Sign of the Quill
  • Dagblad's Wholesale Leathers
  • Loewijer's Tannery
White Dwarf 137 Storm Warriors Characters from Storm Warriors Novel
  • King Herla
  • Trystan the Bard
  • Shipmaster Thoron
  • Kerewan the Wizard
White Dwarf 138 Social Level
  • Class and Standing
  • Calculating Social Level
  • Social Intercourse
  • Career Table - Class and Standing + Notes
  • Changing Careers
  • Chain of Command
  • Illegal Careers
  • Bluffs and Disguises
  • Cult Modifiers
  • Cult Relations Table
  • Intimidation
  • High Living and Low Life
White Dwarf 140 Beasts in Velvet Characters from Beasts in Velvet Novel
  • The Beast Hunters
  • Harald Kleindeinst ('Filthy Harald')
  • Rosanna Ophuls, The Scryer
  • The Leading Suspects
  • Wolf Von Mecklenberg, The Troubled Soul
  • Mikael Hasselstein, Cleric of Sigmar
  • Viscount Leos von Liebewitz, The Duelist
  • Etienne Edouard Villechaize, Comte de la Rougierre, The Ambassador
  • Yevgeny Yefimovich, The Demagogue