White Dwarf 82

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White Dwarf #82 Cover Date: October 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Warhammer Art John Sibbick Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play : Cover
1 Contents Editor: Paul Cockburn
2-4 Open Box Review
  • Dungeoneer's Survival Guide for AD&D by TSR
  • Kings & Things boardgame by GW
  • Orcbusters for Paranoia by West End Games
  • The Vanishing Conjurer/The Statue of The Sorcerer for Cthulhu by GW
  • CA2 - Swords of Deceit for AD&D Lankmar by TSR
  • Skyrealms of Jorune RPG by Skyrealms Rubs
    • Skyrealms of Jorune
    • Companion Jorune: Burdoth
7 Paranoia Ad Hardback licensed by West End Games by GW
8 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford
10-12 All the nice dwarves luv a Sailor WFB 2nd Gary Chalk Naval Rules
19-21 The Light Fantastic : Extract Fiction Terry Pratchett from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel The Light Fantastic, sequel to The Colour of Magic
22 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Gobbledigook meets Thrud
25-29 A Stroll Across The Discworld AD&D AD&D Adventures on the Back of a Giant Turtle
31-36 Mercy Mission Traveller A scientific Traveller advenuture
Insert Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Ad Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play : Preview
38 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Mutant Radioactive Zombie Bikers from Hell
40-42 'Eavy Metal : Miniatures John Blanche Conversions


  • Citadel
    • Robot
    • Symbols and Faces
    • Kaleb Daark, The Renegade Chase Warrior
    • Eternal Champions: Urlik Skarsol

Triple-Headed Minotaur Skaven: Skurgg & Thrott

  • Chaos Warrior
  • The Angels in party gear
  • Post Apocalypse Warriors
  • Perp (JD3)
  • Chaos Demon
  • Oriental Queen
  • The Warlock
  • Amazonia Gothique from WD 79 Cover and a futuristic version
44 Citadel Miniatures Ad
  • Judge Dredd
    • Judges Death, Dredd & Anderson (JD7)
    • Judge & Lawmaster Bike (JD1 & 2)
  • Lord of the Rings
    • Dwarfs (ME33)
    • Black Rider (ME64)
    • Wood Elves (ME31)
  • Doctor Who (see [[1]]
    • DW2 The Master, 4th Doctor, 5th Doctor
    • DW6 Sgt. Benson, Cpt. Yates, Brigadier Leth Bridge-Stewart
    • DW7 Adric, Sarah Jane, Leela
    • DW8: Davros, K9 ,Engineer Dalek
    • DW9 : Jo Grant, Romana, Turlough
    • DW10: Sea Devils
    • DW11: Jo Grant, Romana, Turlough
45 Citadel Miniatures Ad
  • Feudals (C26)
  • Chaos Thugs
  • Ogres (C23)
48 Feudals WFB 2nd Citadel Miniatures & Rules
51-53 Cartophilia RPG The Use And Abuse Of Maps In Roleplaying Games
55-57 Narks Judge Dredd Informers in Judge Dredd - The Roleplaying Game
Back Skeleton Horde WFB 2nd Citadel Miniatures ad and rules (Also in WD 81 )