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Judge Dredd the Role-Playing Game was designed by Rick Priestly and published by Games Workshop in 1985

Following Supplements

  • Slaughter Margin
  • Judgement Day
  • Citi-Block (floorplans)

Judge Dredd White Dwarf Articles

Issue Article
White Dwarf 76 You're Booked : The Justice Department Accounts Division
White Dwarf 77 The Crazy File : New Crazes
White Dwarf 78 Sector: 308 'Eavy Metal special on Judge Dredd scenery and miniatures by the Players Guild
White Dwarf 78 The Spunng Ones! : Adventure for a small team of Judges
White Dwarf 79 Psi Judges : The Psychology of the Psi-Judge
  • Game Balance with Psi-Judges
  • Special Abilities for Psi-Judges
  • Animate Corpse
  • Detect Intent
  • Detect Psyker
  • Hold Door
  • Illusions
  • Jinx Vehicle
  • Psychic Attack
  • Super-Telekinesis/Telekinesis
  • Metabolic Control
White Dwarf 80 Something Special : New Special Abilities
White Dwarf 82 Narks! : Informers in Judge Dredd - The Roleplaying Game
White Dwarf 83 A Day in the Death of Sector 255 : Sequel Adventure in White Dwarf 88
White Dwarf 86 The Trouble With Time : Time Travel
White Dwarf 88 A Night in the Death of Sector 255 : Sequel to Adventure in White Dwarf 83
White Dwarf 90 You'll Never Take Me Alive, Cop - Aarrgh! : Perps as PCs
Tales From Mega-City 1 : Adventure Outlines
White Dwarf 92 Thrice Upon A Time In MegaCity 1
  • I Left My Heart...
  • The Sound of Music
  • One of Our Souls is Missing
White Dwarf 93 All The Lonely People : Campaign Characters (NPCs)
White Dwarf 94 To Live And Die In Mega City One : Epic Adventure - Prog 1: Perchance to Dream
White Dwarf 95 To Live And Die In Mega City One : Epic Adventure - Prog 2: The Big Sleep
White Dwarf 96 To Live And Die In Mega City One : Epic Adventure - Prog 3: Let's Do The Time Warp (Again)