White Dwarf 77

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The final issue to be produced by the London Games Workshop studio.

White Dwarf #77 Cover Date: May 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 (cover) Heavy Metal Art Chris Achilleos Originally poster for the movie Heavy Metal [1]
3 Editorial Editorial Ian Marsh Moving to Nottingham / Change in staff / Editorial team
4 – 8 Open Box Review
  • DC Heroes RPG by Mayfair Games
  • Stealer of Souls for Stormbringer by Chaosium
  • Dr Who RPG Supplements by FASA
    • The Daleks
    • The Master
  • The Sea Elves for Elfquest by Chaosium
  • Alone Against the Dark for Cthulhu by Chaosium
  • The Yellow Clearance Back Box Blues for Paranoia by West End Games
10 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford
14-15 The Crazy File Judge Dredd Pete Tamlyn New Crazes
20-22 Spellbound Superhero Phil Masters Magic in Superhero Games
26-28 The Final Frontier Star Trek Alex Stewart Role-playing in the Star Trek universe
29 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Another wacky travelogue
30 Letters Letters ed. Ian Marsh
34-40 A Secret Wish MERP, D&D Graham Staplehurst An Adventure for MERP and D&D
41 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud the Barbarian vs. The All American Legion of Incredibly Stupid Heroes

In a Desperate Mind to Hand Struggle for the Supremacy of the World!!

44-46 A Cast of Thousands RPG Graeme Davis Non-Player Characters in Role Plaing Games
50 The Cars That Ate Sanity Call of Cthulhu 1920s Car Chases
51 Treasure Chest AD&D Chris Felton Gaming for Heroine Addicts
52-53 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Joe Dever Double Exposure
  • Photos:
    • Citadel
    • Orcs (C15) & Goblins (C12) riding War-Rhino conversion
    • Eternal Champion boxed set (BC5)
      • Elric White Wolf
      • Corum
  • Skaven Iron Wielder (C47)
  • Dr Who: Cyberman
54 Gobbledigook Comic BiL : Enters a new dimension
55 Fracas News Supermole News
58 Small Ads Classifieds
59 Sirens Competition Win Chris Achellos Sirens book