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Mark Harrison is an artist known for fantasy and science fiction fields. For White Dwarf, he created 'The Travellers', a team set in a parody of the science-fiction game Traveller, starting in White Dwarf #45 and ending in White Dwarf #76.

He is also known for doing most of his work for 2000AD, mostly on the Durham Red and related strips. He has also worked on Magic: The Gathering and worked for Rebellion on various video games.

The Travellers

Based on a parody of the game 'Travellers' and the characters people 'tend' to play as, the Travellers are a group of freebooters and mercenaries who travel across space in their spaceship 'The Osprey' while seeking to make money. The team Include Captain Horatio Flinn, marine Jame "Mad Gav" Gavin, fixer and pervert Jason DiNalt, Clumsy scout Hannibal Jeremiah Hays, female medic Syrena Medussa, and their pet Felix.

The entire comic can be read in an online, colourised version at