White Dwarf 76

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White Dwarf #76 Cover Date: April 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Castle of Iron Art Peter Andrew Jones
  • Originally cover for 1980 Sphere edition of "The Castle of Iron" [1] by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt.
  • Solar Winds Artbook ( Paper Tiger, 1980) p.3
  • Original currently in private collection [2]
2 Citadel Journal, Spring 1986 Ad Citadel Journal, Spring 1986
4-7 Open Box Review
  • Riddle of the Ring (Boardgame) by ICE
  • Alone against the Windigo for Cthulhu by Chasium
  • MERP Scenarios by ICE
    • Erech
    • Paths of the Dead
    • Send in the Clones for Paranoia by West End Games
  • Lankhmar - City of Adventure for AD&D by TSR
  • Dr. Who RPG Scenarios by FASA
    • The Iytean Menace
    • The Lords of Destiny
  • Fantasy Hero RPG by Hero Games
10-12 How to Make Crime Pay AD&D A Lecture for Apprentice Thieves in AD&D
13 Dungeon Floor Plans 1 Ad Revised, full-colour version.
16-17 You're Booked Judge Dredd Marcus Rowland The Justice Department Accounts Division
20-23 Glen Woe WFB 2nd Richard Halliwell A scenario for Warhammer - Expansion to The Tradegy of McDeath
26-27 Banditry Inc AD&D Referee's guide to Thieves Guilds in AD&D
30-32 Caped Crusaders GoldenHeroes Running campaigns
33 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Film 2185
34-40 Castle in the Wind AD&D An AD&D scenario for 5th-8th level characters
41 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud goes shopping
42 Treasure Chest AD&D How Do You Spell That?
  • Mitrall's Wonderful Gyrator
  • Banish Spirit
  • Merger
  • Shadow Bane
  • Ixtmal's Globe of Pyromanic
  • Destruction
46 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Which witch is where?
52-53 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Oils Part Two: Application


  • Citadel
  • JD6 Judge Dredd: Dark Judges
    • Mortis
    • Fire
    • ADD69 AD&D Githyanki
  • C15 Orcs
  • DG5 Red Dragon

Torchlight: Computer Control Centre (15mm scale modular buildings) Barton Miniatures: Scaley Axel (90mm scale)

67 The Tradegy of McDeath Ad Scenario for WFB 2nd by GW