White Dwarf 75

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White Dwarf #75 Cover Date: March 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art Lee Gibbons * Also appears in GWs Call of Cthulhu
2 Cosmic Encounter Ad published by GW (under license from West End Games)
4-5 Open Box Review
  • Golden Heroes Supervisors Kit by GW
  • Terror of Lichemaster for WFB 2nd by GW
  • Fragments of Fear (Second Cthulhu Compendium) by Chaosium
  • Judgement Day for Judge Dredd RPG by GW
  • Cosmic Encounter by GW
10 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud gets a Social Conscience
11 RuneQuest Ruminations RuneQuest Thoughts on RuneQuest3
13-15 How to Save the Universe Superhero The Delights of Superhero Gaming Revealed
18-20 Gamesmanship AD&D Putting the mystery back into AD&D
22 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Squiggly, squiggly, squiggly, proot!
23 Mass Media Traveller Communication in Traveller
24-28 Nightmare in Green AD&D An AD&D adventure for 4-8 4th-6th level characters
32-37 The Heart of the Dark Call of Cthulhu An Illuminatingly different scenario
42-43 Treasure Chest AD&D Local Boy Makes Good - Character Background in AD&D
44-45 Tabletop Heroes Painting Joe Dever & Gary Chalk Oils Part One: Preperation


  • Citadel
    • C35 Chaos Warriors
    • C23 Chaos Ogre
    • C15 Orc - conversion Nazram 'boogie' Gorbag
    • ADD75 AD&D Gorgon
    • ADD3 Cleric
    • C34 Elementals/Demons range
      • Stone Elemental
      • Fire Elemental
50 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Trapped in a dungeon that was not his...
66 From the Maw of Oblivion WFB 2nd Tom Meiers Zombie Dragon Described for Warhammer