White Dwarf 74

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White Dwarf #74 Cover Date: February 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 Art Frank Brunner
2 Judgement Day Ad Games Workshop scenario for Judge Dredd RPG by GW
4 Superpower Superpower Bruce Hollands A History of the Game of Foreign Policy
7 Talisman Minis Ad
8 Open Box Review
  • Dragon Warriors RPG by Corgi
    • Dragon Warriors
    • The Way of Wizardry
    • The Elven Crystals
  • Vikings for RuneQuest 3 by Avalon Hill
  • Nightmare in Norway scenario for Cthulhu by GW
  • Oriental Adventures for AD&D by TSR
  • The Pendragon Campaign by Chaosium
  • Star Trek RPG scenarios by FASA
    • The Outcasts
    • Termination 1456
17-23 Terror at Trollmarsh AD&D Peter Vialls & Janet Vialls An AD&D adventure for 4th-5th Level Characters
26-27 A Company of Wolves AD&D Peter Blanchard The Lycanthrope Revealed in AD&D
29-31 The Power of the Frog Fiction Dave Langford A Lightly-Hopped Tale
34-37 The Hide of the Ancestor RuneQuest 2 Chris Watson Scenario (55-75% skill range)
43-44 Gentlemen and Players Call of Cthulhu Chris Elliott & Richard Edwards A Guide to Creating British Investigators
46 Treasure Chest AD&D Hitting the right note - Musicianship in AD&D
47 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud Goes Dungeoneering, Part 2
48 Alternative Origins GoldenHeroes Ian Thompson Redesigned Golden Heroes
49 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Investigates the unknown
52-53 Tabletop Heroes Modelling Joe Dever Tabletop Heroes : Dioramas

Part 3: Finishing Touches

  • Phoenix Miniatures: King Grossenwolf of Thorea (54mm scale)
  • Citadel
    • Halflings (C11)
    • Troll (C20)
    • Spined Dragon (NB1) conversion with Lord of the Rings Sauron rider
    • Chaos Lord (C35)
    • Northern Dwarves (C06)
  • Standard Games:
    • Vociferous Reptilian (F11) for Dragonroar RPG
54 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Oh no, not another MERP ad!
55 Trevors Tidbits News Trevor Mendham
58 Small Ads Classifieds