White Dwarf 73

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White Dwarf #73 Cover Date: January 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 (Cover) Art Lee Gibbons
3 Contents Editor: Ian Livingstone
6 Open Box Reviews
  • Queen Victoria & The Holy Grail scenario for Golden Heroes by GW
  • Judge Dredd - The Role-Playing Game by GW
  • D&D Set 4: Master Rules by TSR
  • AD&D Unearthed Arcana by TSR
8 2020 Vision Review Sci Fi Movies
  • Back to the Future
  • The Goonies
  • The Bride
9 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books
43049 Power & Politics Warrior Knights Derek Carver Interview with boardgame's creator
13-14 Letters Letters Letters
18-23 The American Dream GoldenHeroes Simon Burley Scenario
26 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Scrawls through space and time
27 Starbase Traveller Bob McWilliams 3-D Space
31-36 Star Spray MERP, AD&D Graham Staplehurst : Scenario
38 RuneRites Runequest ed. Dave Morris RuneRites : First This, Then That - Non-combat skills
40-41 Cults of the Dark Gods II Call of Cthulhu Andy Bradbury Part 2
  • Freemasonry
  • Bavarian Illuminati
  • Nazi Party
42 Treasure Chest AD&D A New Approach to Magic Weapons
43 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud Goes Dungeoneering, Part 1
48-49 Fiend Factory AD&D Jumble Jungle - Rain-forest monsters for AD&D
  • Army Wasps
  • Vampire Bats
  • Quetzl
  • Aphrodite's Nemesis
54-55 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Joe Dever Dioramas

Part 2: Scenic Effects Photos

  • Citadel
    • Santa Claus conversion from Nordic Warrior Priest (C03)
    • Dr Who: Dalek
    • Judge Dredd
    • Lord of the Rings Noldor Deep Elf (ME52)
    • Adventure Starter Set (BDD1)
      • Unarmored Fighter
      • Cleric
    • Brommedir from Bloodbath at Orc's Drift range
    • Giant Two-Headed Troll (C31) with scratch-built standard
    • Chaos Warriors (C35) from Citadel Knights of Chaos boxed set
      • Cursed Doomhandle
      • Thel
      • Agrad
      • Doomed Ratchragged
  • Gallia Reproductions: 25mm Castle
  • Asgard: Lord of Chaos (FM85) diorama
56 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Legs it to the town
57 Trevor's Tidbits News Trevor Mendham Industry News


List of advertisements in White Dwarf Magazine 73

Pages Title Category Company Description
2 (Inside) Terror of the Lichemaster Ad Citadel scenario for WFB 2nd by GW
4 Games Workshop Mail Order Ad

Games Workshop

  • Good Games Guide
  • Judge Dread RPG
  • Warrior Knights
  • Railway Rivals
  • AD&D Oriental Adventrues by TSR
5 Citadel Ad AD&D Minis

Character Packs

  • ADD1 Magic User
  • ADD2 Fighter with Longsword
  • ADD3 Cleric with Mace
  • ADD4 Thief
  • ADD5 Illusionist
  • ADD6 Paladin
  • ADD7 Ranger
  • ADD8 Assassin
  • ADD9 Druid
  • ADD11 Female Magic User

Monster Packs

  • ADD52 Goblins
  • ADD54 Hobgoblins
  • ADD56 Bugbears
  • ADD60 Norkers
  • ADD62 Shambling Mound & Shrieker
  • ADD72 Carrion Crawler
  • ADD75 Gorgon
  • ADD76 Umber Hulk
  • ADD77 Stirges
  • ADD80 Blink Dogs
  • ADD81 Owl Bear
  • ADD84 Beholder
  • ADD86 Minotaur
  • ADD93 The Undead 1
  • ADD94 The Undead 2
12 Avalon Hill Ad Runequest (RuneQuest 3)
15 WEG Ad Paranoia
16 TSR Ad Dixon Miniatures, Spirit Games, Morrow Project, Chris Harvey Games
16 Ad First Quest EMI / FILMTRAX See and listen here [[1]]
24 Games Workshop Ad Cthulhu Christmas GW Stores
25 Ad Torchlight: 15mm Sci-Fi resin scenery

Leisure Games store Lone Wolf Book 6: The Kingdoms of Terror

28-29 Games of Liverpool Ad Product Lines and Miniature Paints
30 Ad Adverts:

T.S. Fantasy Figures: 15 and 25mm Dragonmeet 86 Convention

37 Esdevium Games Ad
39 Mitregames Ad : Play By Mail games
44 Ad Adverts:

GamesFair '86 Stores Rieder's Axe Space Oddities

45 Games Workshop US Ad , White Dwarf Subscription
46 Ad Virgin Games Centre
47 Ad KJC Games: Play By Mail games
50 Ad Stores: Gamers in Exile, Magic Mushroom Games
51 Ad Dragon Warriors (RPG)
52 Ad Adverts:

Essex Fantasy Minis The Sage: Gaming Contacts Stores Medway Games Centre Joto Games Store

53 Ad Explorers of Orion (Play by Mail)

Stores: Krackers, Warlord, Warlord II, The Guardroom

58 Ad Stores:

Games + Puzzles Not Just Stamps The East Tower The Games Keeper Beast Enterprises Ltd

59 TSR Ad Marvel Super Heroes
60 Classifieds Ad Small Ads: Classified, Gamers, Clubs
61 Ad Competition Page: Contests
62 ICE Ad Tolkien Quest: MERP Solo Gamebooks
63 Ad Adverts:

Tabletop Games store Dragon Roar RPG

64 Ad Stores

George's John & Julie Gauntlet Games The Gamemaster Games People Play

65 Ad Adverts:

Miniatures Fantasy Miniatures Gremlin Miniatures Stores Toppers Gamers World Midland Games Centre Tablegames

66 Ad Adverts:

Miniatures Denizen Miniatures Heroes Miniatures Stores Stratejeux Ritz Toys Otherworld Artifacts

67 (Inside) Games Workshop Ad Railway Rivals
68 (Back) TSR Ad AD&D Unearthed Arcana