White Dwarf 92

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White Dwarf #92 Cover Date: August 1987 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover The Ambush Art David Gallagher The Ambush by David Ghallagher
Inside Front Warhammer 40,000 Ad Teaser ad with green logo.
2 – 4 Review Open Box
  • Stormbringer: GW Edition
  • Advanced Runequest: GW Edition
  • Robin Hood: ICE
  • Scared Stiff: Ghostbusters
  • Miskatonic U. Graduate Kit: CoC
  • DA3 - City of the Gods: D&D
  • I13 - Adventure Pack 1: AD&D
Awesome Lies News
8-9 New Citadel Miniatures Ad Citadel Miniatures
  • OH1 Ninja
  • C34 Minotaur Lord
  • F4 Normans
  • C02 Wizards
  • D5 Imperial Dwarf Command
10 Eternal Champion Ad Citadel Miniatures
  • EC01 Melniboneans
  • EC02 Pan Tangians
11 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford Nasty Futures
12 – 14 Gizza Job... I Could Do That Review Working at GW
16 Thrud The Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Trouble with Wasps
18 Goblin Battle Chariots Ad
19 Gobbledigook Comic BiL
20-27 No Psychos Needed WFRP Chris Felton Racial Psychology
28-32 True Confessions of a Chainsaw Warrior Chainsaw Warrior Stephen Hand Rules Clarifications and Additions
34-47 Demons RuneQuest 3 Jon Quaffe Dealing With the Otherworld
42-43 Citadel Miniatures Ad
  • D3 Chaos Dwarfs
  • CH6 Chaos Thugs
  • F2 Fighters
  • C29 Giant Scorpion
48 Citadel Miniatures Ad Skarloc's Wood Elf Archers Regiments of Renown
49 Citadel Miniatures Ad
  • Orc War Wyvern
  • The Dragon Masters
50-58 Rescue the Paladin! AD&D Carl Sargent Adventure for 5-8 6th-8th
60-61 A Fistful of Misprunts WFRP

Jim Bambra Graeme Davis Phil Gallagher

62-63 Illuminations Art John Blanche Dave Carson
65-68 Eavy Metal Painting John Blanche & Rick Priestley Brushes and Color Schemes
70-74 Thrice Upon A Time In MegaCity 1 Judge Dredd Marcus Rowland
  • I Left My Heart...
  • The Sound of Music
  • One of Our Souls is Missing
76 Letters Letters ed. Graeme Davis
Back Ad Talisman Dungeon by GW