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Rick Priestley is a games designer[1] and author who lives near Nottingham, England.

Priestley trained in Archeology at Lancaster University [2]. worked extensively for Games Workshop, joining the company to help Bryan Ansell pack boxes, and helping out with catalogues and the such like. As the company grew he took on more responsibilities and used his copyrighting and game design, principally on the Warhammer system.

Rick left Games Workshop in November 2010. He is now co-owner of Warlord Games,[1] and also does consulting work on a freelance basis. He is an associate at River Horse Games.[3].

At the end of 2011 he was elected to the committee of the Society of Ancients.[1] In December 2012 he announced planned to launch a science fiction game called The Gates of Antares [4] with funding raised through Kickstarter, but despite raising a lot of funds and interest from the community, the project failed to meet its funding goal.


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