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Bryan Ansell is a war game designer and entrepreneur.


Bryan was a keen Dungeons and Dragons player, and founded the Troll Crusher zine for Dungeons & Dragons in 1977, and also designed and sculpted the ‘Age of Joman’ range for Conquest Miniatures.[1]

Bryan founded Asgard Miniatures in 1976 and released a wide range of miniatures from sculptors such as Jeremy Goodwin and Nick Bibby. As well as creating generic fantasy and science fiction miniatures, Bryan wrote and published Laserburn sci-fi skirmish rules through Table Top Games with supporting ranges of miniatures from Asgard. It is in Laserburn that Bryan first introduced his Red Redemption - a faction who would recur throughout the Warhammer universe in various guises. Asgard ceased trading sometime in the mid 1980s, but many of their miniatures live on, still being produced by Alternative Armies and Viking Forge, to this very day.

Bryan founded Citadel Miniatures in the late 1970s with backing from Games Workshop. As well as putting together the creative team that would shape Warhammer - John Blanche, Rick Priestly, Richard Halliwell and Tony Ackland, Bryan also set miniatures sculptors, including the Perry twins, and Aly and Trisha Morrisson.

Around 1987, Bryan was made Managing Director of Games Workshop, and later bought a majority share in Games Workshop from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, then ultimately sold it to Tom Kirby[2][3]

While at Games Workshop Bryan oversaw the publication of various projects such as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Realms of Chaos books, as well as the development of the Zoats and Fimir, having creative and editorial input.

After selling Games Workshop, Bryan set up Wargames Foundry which produces historical, fantasy and science-fiction miniatures. Several of the ranges consist of 'historical' Citadel miniatures, such as the Vikings, Saxons and Normans sculpted by the Perry twins, and the Samurai sculpted by Aly Morrisson.

Game Design Credits

Early Works

  • Laserburn (1980) Sci-fi tabletop rules (currently published by
  • Imperial Commander (1981) expanded rules and background material for Laserburn.

Citadel & Games Workshop

  • Street Violence (2003)
  • Rules With No Name Bryan Ansell, Editor Keith Pinfold, Foundry Books, 2009, ISBN 978-1-901543-17-9
  • Foundry Miniatures Painting & Modeling Guide, Kevin Dallimore, Bryan Ansell, Foundry Books, 2006, ISBN 978-1-901543-13-1


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