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Asgard Miniatures was a miniatures manufactuerer specialising in Fantasy and Sci-fi figures. Asgard was founded by Bryan Ansell, Steven Fitzwater and Paul Sulley in 1976, and dissolved in the mid 1980s.

Many of the figures were sculpted by Bryan himself, with other figures being sculpted by Nick Bibby and later Jez Goodwin.

Asgard Miniatures History

Asgard was founded by Bryan Ansell, Steven Fitzwater and Paul Sulley in 1976, Bryan left in 1978[1] to form Citadel Miniatures with funding from Games Workshop. Originally based in Commons Square, Lace Market, Nottingham, managed by Paul Sulley, sculpts by Nick Bibby and Bryan Ansell, casting by Jamie Sims, mould making by Garry Slim-Parsons.

After the company ceased trading, [The Viking Forge] acquired the US rights for most of the fantasy ranges, where they are still in production. In the UK, Tabletop Games acquired all of Asgards assets and produced most of the ranges until the mid 2000's when all of Tabletop's ranges were acquired by Alternative Armies, who have returned some of the old Asgard into production, including the [SM Space Marines] and the [BP Barbarian Personalities].

Asgard Miniatures Codes

The ranges of miniatures produced by Asgard were given a two or three character code.

  • Monstrous Beasties (FM)
  • Personalities (F)
  • Barbarians and Chaotics (FB)
  • Dwarves (FD)
  • Elves (FE)
  • Fantasy Females (FW)
  • Goblins (FG)
  • Dragons (SD)
  • Tookers (FT)
  • Miscellany (X/Z)
  • Trimotes (T/S)
  • Science Fiction (SF)
  • Inscrutable Orts (SF)
  • Mandiblex (TM)
  • Robots (X)
  • Vikings (V)
  • Medievals (M)
  • Gunfighters (W)
  • Monsters (FM)
  • Barbarian Personalities (BP)
  • Dungeon Adventurers (DA)
  • Dwarves (DW)
  • Orcs (OR)
  • Creatures of Chaos (CC)
  • Dragon Lizards (D)
  • Large Sadistic Demons (LSD)
  • Dungeon Equipment (DE)
  • Space Marines

Asgard White Dwarf Articles

Many Asgard miniatures appear in the Molten Magic, Tabletop Heroes and occasional 'Eavy Metal miniatures columns in White Dwarf.

Pages Title Category Author Description
White Dwarf 2 Asgard Miniatures Review Ian Livingstone
  • FM1 Troll
  • FM1 Ogre
  • FM1 Gigantic Rat
  • FM1 Wererat
  • FM1 Dragon
  • FM1 Giant Rat
  • FM1 Golem
  • FD1 Dwarf with 2H Axe / Hammer
  • FD2 Dwarf attacking with Axe/Hammer
  • FD3 Dwarf Thief or Light Infantry
  • FD4 Dwarf with Spear or 2H Axe
  • F1 Old Wizard
  • F2 Fighting Bishop
  • F3 Young Wizard
  • F4 Warrior Priest
White Dwarf 14 Molten Magic Review
  • DA31 Cierlc
  • DA33 Magic User
  • DA41 Fighter
White Dwarf 20 Molten Magic Review
  • FM60 Evil Giant Rat
  • FM60a Giant Weasel

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