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Trollcrusher was one of the better early British APAs that ran from 1977 to 1984 under a variety of Editors. Initially set up by Bryan Ansell and would feature contributions from Jeremy "Jes" Goodwin, Richard "Hal" Halliwell who would become instrumental in creating and developing Warhammer and Citadel Miniatures respectively, and David Langford and Simon Burley who would become the emminent sci-fi reviewer and RPG designer respectively.

Trollcrusher won 2nd place in the 1980 Games Day Awards for "Best Games Fanzine" (after Beholder) [1].



January 2010

Contacted Simon Burley through the Golden Heroes / Squadron UK web site. Biography added.

November 2009

c) Contacted Brian K. Asbury who supplied a gaming biography, see the ‘Contributors’ section.

b) Email contact with Rory McLean confirmed that when he and John Drake took over as |- |Editors, they re-{| |Issued TC23 which had only a small run with Lawrence Miller. Rory also supplied an extensive gaming biography. A shortened version appears in the ‘Contributors’ section.

a) Beginning of abbreviations used in TC added to the ‘Facts’ section

October 2009

Email contact with David Witts clarified that the first version of TC23 was a ‘subscribers only’ {| |Issue from Lawrence Miller, it was re-{| |Issued by Drake and McLean when they took over as |- |Editors

October 2009

Site uploaded, designed by Pete Wasylko using Serif’s Webplus9

July 2009

After email request, Staff searching the ‘M. Horvat Collection of Genre Apazines, Special Collections Department, the University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa,.USA.’ locate Bryan Ansell’s article "My Very own Ego Trip" in “The Wild Hunt” (January 1977).

Repository located at [1]

July 2009

Trollcrusher #1 sold on ebay for £155

April 2009

Dave Arneson dies age 61

March 2009

Email contact with David Langford. who made contributions to {| |Issues 1 and 3 with his ‘Hidden Shallows’ remembers Bryan Ansell sending him an invitation to contribute. Contacts were found in current (1977) SF fanzines as there were already links between SF, gaming, Diplomacy etc.

March 2008

Gary Gygax dies age 69

October 1997

All Games workshop and Citadel UK-based operations were relocated to the current headquarters in Lenton, Nottingham.


A management buyout of Games Workshop by Tom Kirby and colleagues, taking over from Brian Ansell and Kevin Pinfold who retain consultative roles.

October 1988

David Langford moves his book review column from White Dwarf to GamesMaster

May 1986

White Dwarf No.77 was the last {| |Issue produced in London, many of the staff including the |- |Editor did not want to relocate to Nottingham, this prompted the now infamous ‘S*d Off Bryan Ansell’ |}


Early 1986

The Citadel management team, led by Bryan Ansell, buy-out Games Workshop from its original founders.

July 1984

Trollcrusher 29 {| |Issued eds. John Drake and Rory McLean The last {| |Issue.

? 1984

Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone promote Bryan Ansell to Managing Director of Games Workshop

March 1984

Trollcrusher 28 (27b) {| |Issued eds. John Drake and Rory McLean This {| |Issued was also labeled as 27 due to a printing error

January 1984

STABCON VI Manchester

September 1983

Trollcrusher 27 (27a) {| |Issued eds. John Drake and Rory McLean

May 1983

Trollcrusher 26 {| |Issued eds. John Drake and Rory McLean

May 1983

Warhammer Rules |- |Published by Bryan Ansell, Richard Halliwell and Richard Priestly, illustrated by Tony Ackland.

March 1983

Trollcrusher 25 {| |Issued

eds. John Drake and Rory McLean.

White Dwarf 39 has David Langfords first ‘Critical Mass’ review column

January 1983

STABCON V Manchester

July 1982

Trollcrusher 24 {| |Issued eds.John Drake and Rory McLean

January 1982

8-10 STABCON IV Manchester


Trollcrusher 23 {| |Issued twice as there was a change in |- |Editors from L.Miller to John Drake and Rory McLean. The first {| |Issue was a ‘subscribers only’ version.

November 1981

Second edition of Reaper, written by Richard Halliwell and Rick Priestly, this is considered as the ancestor of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

June 1981

Dragon magazine prints descriptions of various RPG Zines including Trollcrusher. See Article

May 1981

Asgard Miniatures move to 36 High Pavement Nottingham

January 1981


November 1980

Asgard Miniatures move to 18 Commerce Square High Pavement Nottingham

October 1980

Citadel Miniatures move to 10 Victoria Street Newark Notts

September 1980

Trollcrusher 22 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

27th Games Day ‘80 London, Best Games Fanzine Competition; 1st Beholder, 2nd Trollcrusher, 3rd Storm Lord.

May 1980

Trollcrusher 21 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

February 1980

Trollcrusher 20 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

January 1980

11-13 STABCONII Manchester

November 1979

Trollcrusher 19 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

September 1979

7th and last {| |Issue of Underworld Oracle

August 1979

Trollcrusher 18 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

July 1979

Trollcrusher 17 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

April 1979

Asgard Miniatures move to 14 Commerce Square High Pavement Nottingham.

March 1979

Trollcrusher 16 {| |Issued ed. Lawrence Miller

February 1979

Bryan Ansell with the help of Games workshop create ‘Citadel Miniatures’ contact address, Newark Folk Museum 48 Millgate Newark Notts.

January 1979

12-14 STABCON I Woolton Hall Manchester Uni.

December 1978

Trollcrusher 15 {| |Issued ed. John Baillie

November 1978

Trollcrusher 14 {| |Issued ed. John Baillie

October 1978

28th - Games Day IV, Seymour Hall Westminster, London. D&D competition Winner|| John Baillie.

September 1978

Trollcrusher 13 {| |Issued eds. David Row and John Baillie Underworld Oracle #7 and last

August 1978

Trollcrusher 12 {| |Issued eds. David Row and John Baillie

July 1978

Reaper - Fantasy Wargame Rules by Richard Halliwell, a precursor to the Warhammer combat system. Rick Priestley and Bryan Ansell are mentioned in the credits.

June 1978

Trollcrusher 11 {| |Issued eds. David Row and John Baillie

April 1978

Trollcrusher 10 {| |Issued ed. David Row

March 1978

4th - Arena II, Nottingham

March 1978

Trollcrusher 9 {| |Issued ed. David Row

February 1978

Trollcrusher 8 {| |Issued ed. David Row

January 1978

Trollcrusher 7 {| |Issued ed. David Row

December 1977

17th - Games Day III, Seymour Hall Westminster, London

....Early timeline is currently under revision.


Facts about Trollcrusher

How did Trollcrusher start?

Bryan Ansell in an article in the US fanzine ‘The Wild Hunt’ (No.12 Jan 1977) stated that he would like to start a British fanzine along the lines of TWH and A&E and invited other interested gamers to contact him.

Where did the name come from?

One theory is that Trollcrusher was coined from a comment in ‘Men and Magic’ (volume 1) from the Original Dungeons and Dragons boxed set. Under the spell ‘Polymorph others’ it states that “... a troll polymorphed into a snail would have an innate resistance to being stepped on and crushed by a normal man.”

Why are there two Issues numbered 27?

Issue 29 explains that “It was the printer’s fault as he thought the ‘28’ on the cover had insufficient contrast, so he replaced it with a ‘27’.” They are henceforth known by their covers as the Asbury TC27 (TC27a) and the Blackwell TC27 (TC27b).

Why are there two versions of Trollcrusher 23?

The only difference is the Editorial, one by the old editor Lawrence Miller and one by the new Editors John Drake and Rory McLean. Lawrence published TC23 as a subscribers only issue, with a small print run. Then the new Editors took over and re-published it.

How many Trollcrushers were printed?

Early Issues ran to about 200 copies, later ones to about 500.

If you have any more details or facts please email them to me - see the help section.

Abbreviations and info

Most hobbies have their own set of abbreviations and terms such as D&D, MU, gp etc. And Trollcrusher was no exception, but some of them were rather obscure and explanations might be in different issues. Here are some that I know of:

  • TCMCPotY - (Trollcrusher Male Chauvinist Pig of the Year) first held by Brian Asbury after his ‘Females in D&D’ article in Aryxia III (TC8) was universally slated in following Issues.
  • S.P.(F.E.) Burley - (Simon Paul (Frozen Eye) Burley) A member of the Nottingham Uni wargames club, penned several ‘What is the point’ articles in TC8 to TC18
  • Mundus Vult Decepit - (trans. The world wishes to be deceived) articles penned by Mike Cule in TC3 to TC13


index to contributors

author issues
Asbury, Brian K. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
Blackwell, Paul 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Ackland, T. 8
Alexander, Phil 7, 10
Ames, Gary 9
Andrews, Keith 22, 23
Anonymous 26
Ansell, Bryan 5, 6
Aronson 3
Baillie, John 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Baker, Stephen 23
Barber, Steve 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23,
Barlow, Chris 26
Bennett, John 19, 21,
Billeness, Mark 13
Bowen, Edward 22, 24,
Brown, Stephen 24, 27
Brunton, James 27, 28
Buckell, Graham 4, 5, 2006
Burley, Simon 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14,15 18
Goble, Barry 18
Burrow, Frank 20
Bursey, Chris, 4
Carter, Simon 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25
Chris, ??? 5,
Clarke, Andrew 25
Clarke, Nigel 3, 4,
Clilverd, Robert 9
Cohen, Peter 28
Cole, Graham 7, 8, 10, 11, 16, 17
Croasdale, John 23
Cudbard, Julia 22
Cule, Mike 4, 6, 6, 6, 4, 5, 13
Dallman, John G. 24 25 27 28 29
Dalton, Brian 14, 16, 17
Donohoe, Jim 6, 8 ,10
Drake, John 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29
Draper, Margaret 16, 22
Foster, Stephen 13,16
Fox, Richard A. 19
Gale, Ray 5
George, Kathy 18
Gilham, Steve 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
Gleeson, Mark, 4, 5
Gold, Lee 7, 8
Goodwin, Jeremy 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Graver, Trevor 25
Griffiths, Malcombe 4, 8
Hackett, 25, 28
Halliwell, Richard 6
Harris, Pete 5 8 10 13 15
Hinton, Peter 22
Hobbs, Stephen 18
Holman, Paul 27, 29
Howard, Martin Winston 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 ,24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
Hughes, Paul, 23
Jones, Jonathan 12
Keith, Alan Sparks 14 16
Kinzett, Nicholas Great 20, 21, 22
Kynoch, Andy, 23
Langford, Dave 1, 4
Lockwood, Dean A. 19 23
Mason, Paul 21, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29
McLean, Rory O. 11, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 24, 26,
McNullty, Arthur J. 28
Miller, Laurence 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Musson, Roger 6
Noble, Jon 4, 5, 7, 11,
Norris, John 6
Norwood, Bryan 12, 13, 15, 18, 29, 23
Nottm Uni Dip Soc 11
O’Neill, Andy 12
O’Neill, Andy 15
O’Neill, Andy 21
Orr, Bill 5, 9
Parton, Nigel 20
Patterson, Hartley 5, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 20
Patterson, J.L.T. 28
Phantom, Ye 16
Pickering, S. 26
Potter, Chris 26
Potter, Chris Froth 29
Pulsipher, Lew 4, 5, 6, 8
Quartermain, Matt 29
Quincey, James 13
Rancke-Madsen 7
Roberts, Adrian P. 27 29
Rose, Alan 27, 29
Row, David H. 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Rowan, 22
Rowland, Marcus 27
Sames, Richard 27
Sedgwick, Al 6
Spalding, N. 9
Spencer, John 15
Stoner, Michael 15
Swift, David 21
Tarrant, Peter 22
Tebbutt, Karl 8
Vane, Paul 10
Waring, Dave 3, 5, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 22, 26
Wasylko, Peter 15 40
White, Neville A. 20, 24

Index to Advertisers in Trollcrusher

Arena II 7

Asgard Miniatures 5, 6, 7, 8,

Games Workshop 10, 12, 13, 14, 15

Underworld Oracle 5

Random Monsters from Nottingham 7, 8, 12, 13

Nottingham Model Soldier Shop 8, 9

Dungeons & Starships 8, 16

Dragon Miniatures 10

The Model Soldier Shop 11

Yeoman of England 14

Stabcon 15

Kandroc Keep 17

Stabcon II 19

Roleplay for real 27

Rory McClean

Rory McLean in Roleplaying Gaming - 17/Oct/09 Started role-playing gaming (RPG) at the University of Aston in Birmingham, as a result of, D&D UK Science Fiction conventions. One of the first games was at the Annual British Eastercon, 1974 or 1975. Fred Hemmings and Chris Bursey were particularly memorable DMs from this period. Joined the Loughborough Students Union Chess and Wargames Society (LSUCWS), Autumn 1976, Started a campaign of games run in what was later called the "Rast Dungeon". Started notes towards the "Technologist" character class, the spec of which is now at version 5.24. Joined various Nottingham gaming groups in 1977, meeting Dave Rowe. Also met Brian Ansell, and agreed to do an article for his new gaming APA "Trollcrusher". Devised the "Guardians" character class, |- |Published in TC#1. Got involved in the first Students National Wargames competition (later Students Nationals), run by LSUCWS in 1978, at Loughborough University. Gavin Winford Jones, one of the principal D&D refs, was the main organiser. Attended the first "Stabcon", convention, held at Owen's Park, University of Manchester, in 1979. Was one of the four DMs running the "Stabcon" mini-dungeon competition, for which the prize was an engraved sheath knife for 'best backstabber'. Still contends that the orc, who was the only one who came out alive from the dungeon he ran, should have been the winner, even though he was technically disqualified due to being a 'dungeon monster'. Mainly played D&D at LSUCWS, Played some non-D&D games, including Traveller. Met John Drake as he was a D&D gamer at LSUCWS. Spent a lot of time working on Variant D&D rules. Devised many new magic-items and spells, but mainly new character classes, including many 'monster' classes. Started editing Trollcrusher, with John Drake, as the existing |- |Editor Laurence Miller wasn't planning to continue (though he retained the copyright). Started with re-printing the previous last {| |Issue (23), as it had quite a small print run. Continued editing Trollcrusher for a number of years, until a combination of John Drake's move to the Manchester area, and the continual increasing debt owed to the |- |Editors by TC, meant it seemed best to finish. Late 1980s started discussions with various gamers about the possibilities of using computers networked together, so that gaming could be done from home. The pay-for-time-online modem technology of the time did not look practical to support this, and something like, what came to be called, broadband would be required. Work was done on various mapping tools, intended to be linked to a database, mainly for the use of GMs. During the 1990s, played various White Wolf Storyteller games. Avoided the Collectable Card Games (CCG) that swept the hobby. Started playing in some online games, mainly Storyteller-based via Usenet Newsgroup, but also Champions play-by-email. A major part of gaming in the 1990s at LSUCWS was the need to prepare for and run the Students Nationals, three times. Some experimentation was also done with the Fast Generator, a conceptual character generation system. Did an MSc at Loughborough University starting 1993. During this did a project on 2.5-D graphics, with a possible eye to using this for gaming purposes, displaying characters, in a variety of different equipment, and maps with movable tokens. Also continued developing ideas about the use of distributed data bases for the support of roleplaying. In the 2000s started to loose contact with LSUCWS (renamed LSU RAWS). Continued to game in various people's homes, mostly with new (A)D&D campaigns, Played some Amber. Otherwise continued to stay in contact with people mostly by phone and e-mail, sometimes using these for mini gaming sessions. About 2004 became involved in the Spelljamming (SJ) mailing list, in particular the attempts to take the SJ AD&D rules and convert them for use with D&D 3rd Edition. Also eventually played some D&D 3rd Ed, with more or less success Late 2006 became involved in Second Life, with an eye to researching it for use as a possible online roleplaying platform. This was in comparison to Massively Multiple Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as World of Warcraft, Eve and Entropia. - a web site with a lot of Rory’s gaming stuff on it.

Brian K. Ashbury

Brian K Asbury Nov’2009

I got into D&D in 1976 through a couple of friends who introduced me to a wargaming club in Burntwood, Staffs. They started playing D&D the third week we went, and after that everybody was just hooked. Then it became apparent that the rules weren't set in stone and we (and I in particular) started creating our own experience system, character classes and so on. Before long I realised that there were magazines out there such as the fledgeling White Dwarf which might be interested in my stuff, so I started writing articles, including the long-running "Aryxia" in Trollcrusher. Over the years I played with several groups, moving from D&D to mostly playing RuneQuest and Call of Cthulhu as well as occasional forays into Traveller, Paranoia and a few others.

I contributed to the Fiend Folio, although they only used one of the monsters I sent them and they changed it heavily -- I don't really consider what they published to be my own work. I had a solo dungeon book, Kandroc Keep, Published in the late 70s by then TC editor Laurence Miller but the sequel never got published, much to my annoyance. I also had some adventure games produced for the Spectrum and the Amiga, including the now legendary text adventure Zut Alors! I pretty much stopped playing RPGs in the late 90s, however, and I don't think I've played this century!

I'm not entirely sure why I stopped doing Aryxia, although TC had become very sporadic in its publication. I did do P'Teth Tower Part III but for some reason never sent it in, and somewhere there does exist a partial manuscript for the unfinished Aryxia 18 and a couple of unsubmitted TC Covers.

Simon Burley

Simon Burley gaming biography Jan 2010

Became interested in D&D after reading an article about it in "Games & Puzzles" magazine (written by British Steve Jackson) just before starting Nottingham University, it was there I started playing with Dave Rowe as GM et al.

Some of my memorable characters were; Melanie - Magic User - Female my 3rd ever character – Her adventures were recounted in an {| |Issue of White Dwarf. Sad, sad, sad. Two children - Cass and Gary named after their fathers (the Castle Garrison). Miff - my Gryphon character - also at Nottingham. But I specialised in Clerics.My 2nd Ever character - Cleric called Msar. Ressurected a few times eventually re-incarnated as a Goblin. Started his own church - the puritanical church of the One God. Believed in internal puritanism - his Catchphrase was something like "Truth, Justice and MODERATION IN ALL THINGS!" When I left Nottingham and began playing at Birmingham University my most memorable character was an Chaotic Evil cleric. Weapon Proficiences were Mace, Dagger (only used for sacrifices - "Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch") and Molotov cocktail. Always carried the party lantern. Honestly averaged the outright murder of another player-character every adventure. There were some idiots about at that time! Another Cleric I had who was a wierd Lawful Neutral. He was Lawful Good to humans but Lawful Evil to non-humans. He would happily step over a Dwarven fighter in his party who was bleeding to death to slap a Cure onto a barely scratched Human. And then there was... Jarvan Bull - a fighter, specialised in Halberd - based on Sledge Hammer from the TV series. Would use the Halberd for EVERYTHING...... "Turn out the lantern..." SMASH!

I had work in other publications such as; Introduction to role-playing games in "Mighty World of Marvel" (Or was it "Savage Sword of Conan"?) (I got in a Marvel comic! – Schwarzaneeger on the Cover and me inside!) A couple of Superhero 2044 articles in "Secrets of the Koan" fanzine Introduction to Superhero RPGs in Games workshops special introductory RPG mag. The Golden Heroes game started to be developed, after I tried running Superhero 2044 at Birmingham University RPG club, this was not successful. I knocked up a quick set of alternative rules based on "Gamma World". It took off. I got some notes on Christmas from Pete Haines another player that transformed the game. published an amateur version (A5 - like a fat fanzine) in early 80's. Pete added more unique rules and so I had to circulate an errata sheet. It was bought by Games Workshop and published by them c. 1984ish but bumped into the TSR Marvel Superheroes release. Just after the release of Golden Heroes I started the ‘Superhero UK’ fanzine the idea was to support all Superhero RPGs, for example, a scenario would be generic but supported by stats for the villains for 3 or 4 different systems. I edited about 6 Issues and then passed it on to Jonathan Clarke who Published 10 or so more and then turned it into a PROFESSIONAL glossy magazine ("Fantazia").

The only good thing about my run on Trollcrusher was a "Dennis the Ogre" cartoons by "Daisy". There were three rare or unpublished cartoons. 1) In "Secrets of the Koan" Dennis is grasping a bloody messy from which is hanging a distinctive round Stars and Stripes shield saying "Captain Oo?" 2) Dennis vs. Gimli the Dwarf. Basically Dennis throwing open a door shouting "Where is 'e?" and bits Gimli flying out crushed from behind the door. It was A4 and deemed too large for Laurence (then |- |Editor) to include. 3) (My favourite) Gary Gygax in a mug labelled "Dennis" being lifted towards a huge smiling Ogre face - taken by John Baillie to give to Mr Gygax himself when John went to work for TSR in the USA.

I’m still involved with Golden Heroes/Squadron UK

Simon Carter

My experience of D&D started with the original boxed set in the 70s, brandished by a very odd mate of mine. I was hooked immediately I had a single play. What was missing from the rules was made good by local rule making - something D&Ders were very adept at.

It opened up a strange, secretive world of utter fun for me as a bored schoolboy. I looked forward to the sessions, regardless of how banal they probably were. I began to read the amateur mags that came in their wake; Alarums & Excursions, News from Bree, and of course, Trollcrusher.

It was a self selecting, slightly secretive world, but I felt great to be a part of it.

Trollcrusher was a seminal magazine, made better by being produced in the UK. I adored it. Simon Burley and other contributors were like minor gods to me, and I'm glad I didn't actually meet them - I would probably have been bitterly disappointed.

In the end, I screwed up my courage and sent them an article, in the hope that I might join such exalted ranks. By now under Lawrence Miller's editorship - a big nod is necessary towards Dungeons and Starships in that regard - it had become a little less chaotic and a tad more slick.

I was astonished and delighted when Lawrence accepted my article - and published it. I felt like royalty (albeit in a pretty introspective membership). I wrote various articles for TC. Most of them were, in retrospect, pretty dreadful and underlined by a combination of arrogance and exuberance.

In the end, in 1980, I gave up writing for TC. University beckoned and new adventures awaited - it wasn't the end of my RPG career, and my palate spread far wider. But it was the end of my participation as a contributor to TC; a period that I look back on with a combination of pride, pleasure and slight mortification.


Issues 1-5 are MIA (missing in action).

Trollcrusher 05

Issue 5
Format A4, White Cover, stapled 25 sheets (some coloured)
Cost 45p (0.45 GBP)
Editor Bryan Ansell
Published August 1977
Front Cover Bryan Ansell ?


Page Title Category Author Description
Editorial Bryan Ansell
The Door Swung Open Slowly to Reveal... Bill Orr
"Breed, Stoat" said Tick Tock Man No. 3 Jon Noble
Underworld Oracle Advert
Runic Lore P Harris
Imploding Rune Paul Blackwell
Incident at Gila Springs Ray Gale
Once Upon a World Part 2 Mark Gleeson
Stop the Dungeon I want to get off - David Row
Creeping Waffle No.2 Dave Warring
Asgard Miniatures Advert
Rollerball David Cole
Pangean Press David Cole
Why am I doing this no. 2 Lew Pulsipher
Better Smials No. 3 Hartley Patterson
Vision No. 4 Graham Buckell
Complicashuns No. 2 Steve Barber

Trollcrusher 06

Issue 6
Format A4, White Cover, stapled 16 sheets (some coloured)
Cost 45p (0.45 GBP)
Editor Bryan Ansell
Published October 1977
Front Cover Paul Blackwell


Editorial - Bryan Ansell In the Halls of the Mountain King - John Norris Schola Stamfordiensis - Al Sedgwick My dog’s got no nose… - Richard Halliwell Why am i doing this? No.3 - Lew Pulsipher Asgard Miniatures - Advert Complicashuns 3 - Steve Barber Visions 5 - Graham Buckell Aurenergs & Argenergs - Roger Musson My brother’s name…No.1 - Jim Donohue Aryxia I - Brian K. Asbury Mundus Vult Decepit No.3 - Mike Cule Tales from Khorshemish... - Nigel Clarke The quest for the eye of Damon - Mike Cule? Roll your characters the Cule way - Mike Cule Cartoons - Paul Blackwell

Trollcrusher 08

Issue 8
Format A5 (A4 Folio, stapled) White Cover 44 pgs
Cost 60p (0.60 GBP)
Editor Dave Row
Published February 1978
Copy Date 17th February 1978
Front Cover A. Ackland


Subscriptions 2 Editorial - D.H. Row 3 Nottingham Model Soldier Shop - Advert 4 Aryxia III - Brian K. Asbury 5 Oh’ oh’ ogre eaters needed - Karl Tebbutt 10 What's the point? - Simon Burley 11 Why am i doing this? No.4 - Lew Pulsipher 13 The Gods themselves - David Row 15 Tantivy - Lee Gold 18 Tales from Pangea - Graham Cole 20 Rambleaway - Jim Donohoe 25 Asgard Miniatures - Advert 31 Dungeons & Starships - Advert 31 Transl. from the Book of Vardu - Pete Harris 32 End of the world (no saving throw) - Slim 34 Whom the gods destroy - Malcombe Griffiths 38 Further Complicashuns - Steve Barber 41

Trollcrusher 09

Issue 9
Format A5 (A4 Folio, stapled), White Cover 44 pgs
Cost 60p (0.60 GBP)
Editor Dave Row
Published March 1978
Copy Date 15th March 1978
Front Cover Bryan Asbury


Subscriptions 2 Editorial - David Row 3 Better Smials 4 - Hartley Patterson 4 Aryxia IV - Brian Asbury 15 The door slowly opens to reveal No.3 - Bill Orr 19 The Shadowed Realms - Robert Clilverd 22 Chronicles of Keldorn - Paul Blackwell 24 Quelle est la pointe? No.2 - Simon Burley 27 The Model Soldier Shop - Advert 31 7 stone MUs kick sand in my face - Gary Ames 32 The gods themselves - David Row 34 End of the world (no saving throw) - Slim 36 Shamballah (bits & pieces) - N.Spalding 39 Further Complicashuns - Steve Barber 42 Illustrations - Paul Blackwell 37,38

Trollcrusher 10

Issue 10
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled), White Cover48pg
Cost 60p (0.60 GBP)
Editor Dave Row
Published April 1978
Issue 24th April 1978
Front Cover Phil Alexander


Editorial - Dave H. Row 2 Aryxia V - Brian K. Asbury 3 Mundus Vult Decepit 5 - Mike Cule 8 Dragon Miniatures - Advert 17 Tales from Pangea 4 - Graham Cole 18 Chronicles of Keldorn 2 - Paul Blackwell 19 Was ist das point? (3) - Simon Burley 31 Rambleaway 2 - Jim Donohoe 34 Translations from the Book of Vardu - Pete Harris 39 Games Workshop - Advert 47 Subscription & Contribution details 48 Cartoons - Paul Blackwell 48

Trollcrusher 11


  • Better Smials Hartley Patterson
  • This Column Has No Title John Baillie
  • Technologists (new D&D character class)Rory McLean
  • End of the Solar System (no saving throw) 3 Slim
  • It Came From Outer Stoat... John Noble
  • Mimics! (new D&D character class)Steve Barber
  • Aryxia VI Brian Asbury
  • Creeping Woffle III David Waring
  • Tales from Pangea - the story of Rockford the Black Graham Cole
  • Back Cover Editorial David Row

Trollcrusher 13


Issue 13
Format A5 (A4 Folio, stapled) Green Cover44pg
Cost 60p (0.60 GBP)
Editors David Row and John Baillie
Published September 1978
Copy Date Mid August 1978
Front Cover Brian Asbury


The Necromancer - Pete Harris 2 Armour Wearable by Characters - James Quincey 5 Farnakian Chronicles - Bryan Norwood 6 The Rest of the Point - Simon Burley & Friends 9 Complications 27 - Steve Barber 13 Aryxia VIII - Brian Asbury 15 P'Teth Tower - Bryan Asbury 20 The Voice of Ksarul - Stephen Foster 25 The Tomb of Karia - Paul Blackwell 30 Mundus Vult Decepit VI - Mike Cule 33 Games Workshop - Advert 40 This Column Still has no Title! - John Baillie 41

Trollcrusher 14


Trollcrusher 15

Issue 15
Format A5 (A4 Folio, stapled) Blue Cover44pg
Cost 60p (0.60 GBP)
Editor John Baillie
Published December 1978
Copy Date 17th November 1978 (from TC 14)
Front Cover Jeremy Goodwin


Editorial - John Baillie 1 Better Smials - Hartley Patterson 2 DDT Part3 - Andy O'Neill 8 Point & Leaf - Simon Birley 11 Even further complications - Steve Barber 15 Stabcon - announcement 20 Farnakian Chronicles 3 - Bryan Norwood 21 Discourse on Vardu - Pete Harris 25 Technologists II - Rory McLean 27 Barad-Dur - Michael Stoner 33 Games Workshop - Advertisement 38 No title - John Baillie 39 Comments on Trollcrusher - John Spencer 42 Subscription and contribution details 44 Incidental Artwork|| Paul Blackwell 28,30 Jeremy Goodwin 44 Peter Wasylko 40

Trollcrusher 16

Issue 16
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) White Cover40pg
Cost 60p (0.60 GBP)
Editor Lawrence Miller
Published March 1979
Front Cover Jeremy Goodwin (Front and Back)


Editorial chat - Laurence Miller 2 |}

CONTENTS 3 Dungeons and Starships - Advertisement 3 Ksarul speaks again - Stephen Foster 4 Better Smials - Hartley Patterson 7 The light-hearted Minotaur - Laurence Miller 10 Quivia|| part one - Graham Cole 11 Grott - Margaret Draper 22 Aryxia ten - Brian K. Asbury 25 The scrolls of Darkmorn - Ye Phantom 31 Miscellaneous magic - Rory Mclean 33 Werewolf comments 2 - Brian Dolton 34 Subscription and contribution details 39 Cartoons - Paul Blackwell 6, 19

Trollcrusher 17

Issue 17
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled), White Cover40pg
Cost 65p (0.65 GBP)
Editor Laurence H. Miller
Published July 1979
Front Cover Martin Howard


CONTENTS / Editorial 2 Quivia part two - Graham Cole 3 Kandroc Keep - Advert 5 Werewolf comments, No.3 - Brian Dolton 8 Winston - Martin Howard 11 Keldorn 5 - Paul Blackwell 12 Creeping Woffle 6z - Dave Waring 24 Complicashuns 31 - Steve Barber 27 Aryxia 10 ½ - Brian K. Asbury 30 P'teth Tower part two - Brian K. Asbury 30 Subscription / Contributions 40

Trollcrusher 18

Issue 18
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled), White Cover40pg
Cost 65p (0.65 GBP)
Editor Lawrence Miller
Published Aug / sept 1979
Front Cover Paul Blackwell


CONTENTS / Editorial - Lawrence Miller 2 Aryxia XI - Brian Asbury 3 Sigils - Rory McLean 8 Withered claw scrolls - Stephen Hobbs 11 The ultimate mini-dungeon - Paul Blackwell 12 D.M's delights no's 1+2 - Simon Carter 14 Winston - Martin Howard 17 Explosive Runes III - Jeremy Goodwin 18 Creeping Woffle 7a - David Waring 22 The Farnakian Chronicles - Brian Norwood 28 Comments - Kathy George 32 The Hidehole - Simon Burley & Barry Goble 33 Subscription / contribution details 40 Cartoons - Paul Blackwell 10, 40

Trollcrusher 19

Issue 19
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) White Cover40pg
Cost 65p (0.65 GBP)
Editor Lawrence Miller
Published November 1979
Front Cover Jeremy Goodwin


CONTENTS / Editorial - Lawrence Miller 2 Aryxia XII - Brian Asbury 3 Stabcon II - Advert 9 The blazing pentangle - Richard A. Fox 10 Explosive Runes IV - Jeremy Goodwin 13 As yet without a title - Dean A. Lockwood 18 Deep Fix|| NR1 - Steve Gilham 21 Winston - Martin Howard 26 The Farnakian Chronicles - Bryan Norwood 27 Quest for the skull - A.N.Onymous 31 Quest for the skull-reprise - Paul Blackwell 33 The Sfhirigian Scrolls - John Bennett 35 subscription/contribution details 40

Trollcrusher 20

Issue 20
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) White Cover40pg
Cost 65p (0.65 GBP)
Editor Lawrence Miller
Published February 1980
Front Cover Paul Blackwell


CONTENTS / Editorial - Lawrence Miller 2 Better Smials 9 - Hartley Patterson 3 Great moments in D&D - Nicholas Kinzett 6, 26 Aryxia XIII - Brian Asbury 7 Prior service tables for scouts - Frank Burrow 12 Black Lotus - Neville White 16 Winston - Martin Howard 19 Valarn Chronic-le 1 - Paul Vane 21 Public service announcements 26 Reminiscences of the incredible 30th level kobold - Simon Carter 27 Technologists - Rory McLean 30 Subscription / contribution details 40 Cartoon - Paul Blackwell 6 Illustration - Nigel Parton 15

Trollcrusher 21

Issue 21
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) White Cover40pg
Cost 65p (0.65 GBP)
Editor Lawrence Miller
Published May 1980
Front Cover Jeremy Goodwin


CONTENTS / Editorial - Lawrence Miller 2 Complications {| |Issue number f - Steve Barber 3 Wombats delight - Paul Blackwell 10 Sfhirigian scrolls II - John Bennett 14 D.D.T. mark 2 - Andy O'Neill 21 Winston - Martin Howard 24 Welcome to my tower - Nick Kinzett 25 Close to the edge - Paul Mason 28 Pot pourri - David Swift 34 Technological corrections - Rory McLean 37 30th level kobolds - Simon. Carter 38 Cartoon - Paul Blackwell

Trollcrusher 22

Issue 22
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) White Cover40pg
Cost 65p (0.65 GBP)
Editor Lawrence Miller
Published September 1980
Front Cover Hinton


CONTENTS / Editorial - Lawrence Miller 1 Aryxia XIV - Brian Asbury 3 Grim magic - Dave Waring 8 Things typed out on a typewriter - Rowan 9 Winston - Martin Howard 11 Deep fix 2 - Steve Gilham 12 At last - Peter Tarrant 17 30th level kobold - Simon Carter 19 Quest - Keith Andrews 21 Ode to a mage - Julia Cudbard 24 Close to the edge 2 - Paul Mason 25 Review|| Bireme & Galley - Nick Kinzett 31 Complicashuns {| |Issue h - Steve Barber 33 Dribbling ooze 1 - Edward Bowen 36 Illustrations Jeremy Goodwin 40 Paul Blackwell 34

Trollcrusher 23

Issue 23
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) Beige Cover 40pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published September 1981
Front Cover Paul Hughes


CONTENTS/Editorial 2 Master of The Universe - John Croasdale 3 Winston - Martin Howard 6,12 Aryxia XV - Brian Asbury 7 Untitled (Complicashuns ??) - Steve Barber 13 Tales From Khand - Andy Kynoch 15 The Illusionist's Guild Trial - Andy Kynoch 17 The Balrog's Dinner Party - Dean Lockwood 20 Comments - Simon Carter 24 Entmeat 1 - Stephen Baker 25 Deep Fix No 3 - Stephen Gilham 29 Second Quest - Keith Andrews 32 The Farnakian Chronicles - Brian Norwood 37

Trollcrusher 25

Issue 24
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) Blue Cover 52pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published July 1982
Front Cover Brian Asbury


CONTENTS / Editorial 2 Lotus 2 - Neville A. White 3 Ruffians - Rory McLean 8 Deep Fix IV - Steve Gilham 9 Winston - Martin Howard 14, 40 The chronicles of Keldorn - Paul Blackwell 15 Runic Fillers No.2 - Jeremy Goodwin 31 Close to the Edge 4 - Paul Mason 32 News…1, 2, 3 - John G.Dallman 35, 40, 51 Swashbucklers - Rory McLean 41 Dribbling Ooze 2 - Edward Bowen 42 Falsing the Doom - Stephen Brown 46 Subscription / Contribution 52 Various Artwork - Paul Blackwell 9, 33, 37, 52

Trollcrusher 25

Issue 25
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) Pink Cover 40pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published March 1983
Front Cover Brian Asbury


CONTENTS/Editorial 2 Aryxia XVI - Brian Asbury 3 Short and Hurried - John Dallman 11 Deep Fix V - Steve Gilham 12 Winston - Martin Howard 16,40 30th Level Kobold - Simon Carter 17 "A Rod of Lordly Might?" - Paul Blackwell 24 An Open Letter - Andrew Clarke 25 Inconstant 1 - Constance Hackett 28 Close to the Edge 5 - Paul Mason 34 Quest (Registration) - Trevor Graver 39 Subscription/Contribution Details 40

Trollcrusher 26

Issue 26
Format A5+ (A4+ folio, stapled) white gloss Cover40pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published May 1983
Front Cover Paul Blackwell


CONTENTS / Editorial 2 Aryxia XVII - Brian Asbury 3 Deep Fix VI - Stephen Gilham 11 Froth & Gibbering - Chris Potter 15 The Lady and the Mirror - Chris Barlow 21 Fast and Dirty I - Rory McLean 34 Close to the Edge 7 - Paul Mason 36 Subscriptions/Contributions 39 Winston - Martin Howard 39 Back Cover- S Pickering 40 Various Artworks|| Paul Blackwell 14 Rory McLean 21,34,35 GBH 35 Jeremy Goodwin 22,33 Anonymous 2, 24

Trollcrusher 27

Issue 27
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) White Cover40pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published September 1983
Front Cover Brian Asbury


Not the Editorial - John Dallman 2 Creeping Woffle No. 8 - Dave Waring 3 Methods of Madness - Richard Sames 8 Bad Moon Rising - Marcus Rowland 10 White Warlock's Weirdstone - James Brunton 16 Winston - Martin Howard 19 Delayed and Distracted - John Dallman 20 Hobbits, an Enigma - Adrian Roberts 24 Deep Fix 7 - Steve Gilham 25 Falsing the Doom - Stephen Brown 29 The Great God Commeth - Paul Holman 33 Advert 34 Highly Strung - Paul Mason 35 Subs. Contributions and |}

CONTENTS 40 Various Artwork|| Paul Blackwell 12,13,24,28 Jeremy Godwin 15 Alan Rose 2,9

Trollcrusher 28

Issue 28 (27 shown on Cover)
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) Yellow Cover40pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published March 1984
Front Cover Paul Blackwell


CONTENTS Editorial 2 White Warlock's Weird stone - James Brunton 3 Inconstant 2 - Constance Hackett 9 Reality on the Blink III - John Dallman 14 Centaur’s Glade - Arthur J. McNullty 18 Winston - Martin Howard 20 In Search of space - Peter Cohen 21 The Abnormal Times - J.L.T.Patterson 27 Deep Fix 8 - Steve Gilham 36 Subscriptions and Contributions 40

Various Artworks|| Paul Blackwell 2, 16, 26 Joe Bloggs (J.Goodwin) 17

Trollcrusher 29

Issue 29
Format A5 (A4 folio, stapled) white Cover 40pg
Cost 75p (0.75 GBP)
Editors John Drake and Rory McLean
Published July 1984
Front Cover Jeremy Goodwin


Editorial 2 Froth and Gibbering - Chris Potter 3 Clean and Simple? - Mark Billeness 13 Winston - Martin Howard 16 Air on a Cheese wire - Paul Mason 17 The Scout - John Drake 19 Hocus Pocus I - Paul Holman 20 Enchanting Prose - John Dallman 24 Didacts and Narpets - Matt Quartermain 30 Brassard and Vambrace - A.P. Roberts 33 Subscriptions and Contributions 40 Various Artworks|| Paul Blackwell 6,18,23,40 Chris 5,32 Alan Rose 16 Jeremy Goodwin 40


As you browse through this site you will notice unfinished bits, especially with regards to {| |Issues 1 to 4, if anyone has any more in|- |Formation about these then please contact me.

The time line is approximate with regards to the dates of {| |Issue as virtually none of the {| |Issues were dated, so many of them have been inferred from articles and notifications of events. If you have more firm dates that would be very useful.

I have put low resolution (unreadable) scans of the copies that I have, and I am checking to try to find who has the copyright. Any thoughts?

I would also like to compile a short biography of the |- |Editors and main contributors, so can anyone help with any in|- |Formation about them, are they still involved in any gaming?


  • All information from Peter Wasylko's website [http:://], used with permission. Thanks!