White Dwarf 88

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White Dwarf #88 Cover Date: April 1987 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Dragonlady Art David Gallagher
2 – 4 Open Box Review
  • Chainsaw Warrior
  • The Grey Knight: Pendragon
  • H1 The Mines of Bloodstone
  • M2 Avengers Coast to Coast: Marvel
  • DC Heroes
  • Legion of Super-Heroes
  • Pawns of Time
  • An Element of Danger
  • Don't Ask
8 Awesome Lies News
  • Realm of Chaos
  • Death on the Reik
  • Rogue Trooper
  • Ravening Hordes
  • Block Mania
  • World AD&D continuous Play Record
  • WEG Price of Freedom
  • Chaosium
  • TSR Laser Tag
8 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford A Critical Alphabet
11 Thrud The Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Plays Bloodbowl
12-14 The Paddington Horror Call of Cthulhu Marcus Rowland 1920's Sub-Plot for use when an Investigator is Captured by Cultists
18-26 A Night in the Death of Sector 255 Judge Dredd Hugh Tynan Sequel to Adventure in WD 83
28-29 Hand of Destiny WFRP Graeme Davis Fate Points
Insert 33 Life & Death & An American Chainsaw Chainsaw Warrior Jervis Johnson New Equipment Cards
34-38 When Mad Gods Laugh RuneQuest 3 Barry Atkins Adventure to Save Nomads from the Demon Song
40-43 `Eavy Metal WFB 2nd Richard Halliwell The Broken Nose Tribal Army List


  • Lead Belcher
  • Skullcrusher and Guard of Honour
  • Goblin Fanatics
  • Goblins
  • Trolls
  • Orcs
  • Orc Boar Riders
  • Goblin Wolf Riders
44-46 The Dark Brotherhood II AD&D Chris Felton Assasins - Follow-up to Article in WD 48
49 Gobbledigook Comic BiL G is for...
50-51 Pass Interference Blood Bowl 1st Marc Gascoigne Judges
53 Grim's Reaper WFB 2nd Snotling Pump Wagon War Machine
54-55 Illuminations Art John Blanche The World of Martin McKenna
56-58 Letters Letters
60 Classified adverts