White Dwarf 83

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White Dwarf #83 Cover Date: November 1986 Cover Price: << | >>


Page Title Category Author Description
Cover Baron Heinrich von Torlichhelm Master of the Imeprial Order of the Knights Panther Art John Blanche
Inside The Vikings WFB 2nd Ad with rules Advert with Rules
10-14 A Day in the Death of Sector 255 Judge Dredd Sequel Adventure in WD 88
16 2020 Vision Review Colin Greenland Sequel Adventure in WD 88
20-22 It's A Long Way To TIPPER-R-ARY Paranoia Robert Avery Getting from A to B in Paranoia - Transportation Systems Ideas
24-27 Counting the Cost AD&D Carl Sargent Alternate System for Experience Level Training
30-35 The Crude, The Mad & The Rusty WFB 2nd Graeme Davis Board Game Skrag the Slaughterer WD 79 vs. Chaos Dwarf Spikes Harvey-Wotan & Oxy O'Cetylene's Tin Man
37 Then Everything Went Black Call of Cthulhu Marcus Rowland Optional Plot Device Rule for Knocking Out Investigators
38-40 The Black Knight Pendragon, WFRP, AD&D Brian Sturdy Short Adventure
41 Illuminations Art John Blanche John Sibbick
42-45 Psionic Combat AD&D Steve Palmer Alternate System, Sequel to WD 79 Article
49 Thrud The Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Franken-Thrud
49 `Eavy Metal Miniatures Birth of the Figure - Sculpting


  • Gothic Horror
  • C100 Space Marines
  • Goblins
  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Dragon
  • Manticore
59 Letters Letters ed. Paul Cockburn
49 Classified Adverts