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Paranoia is a comedic, dystopian scifi RPG originally designed and written by Greg Costikyan, Dan Gelber, and Eric Goldberg, published by West End Games in 1984. Games Workshop published a UK version of the 2nd Edition in 1986.

Paranoia White Dwarf Articles

Issue Title Author Description
White Dwarf 81 The All New Computer Horror Real Action Show Robert Lyn Davies Adventure
White Dwarf 83 It's A Long Way To TIPPER-R-ARY Robert Avery Getting from A to B in Paranoia - Transportation Systems Ideas
White Dwarf 84 UFANS NOITAREPO James Wallis Novice Adventure
White Dwarf 87 Happiness is Laser Shaped Pete Tamlyn Adventure
White Dwarf 89 Do Troubleshooters Dream of Electric Sheep? Marcus Rowland Adventure
White Dwarf 90 Fear & Ignorance, Ignorance & Fear John Saunders GMing Style
White Dwarf 91 Little Lost Warbot Marcus Rowland Adventure for Orange-Yellow
White Dwarf 101 Cloneday Surprise! Robert Avery Games Day '87 scenario
White Dwarf 112 Vulture Warriors from Dimension X Meet Plenty of Cheerful Orks with Plasma Cannon Ken Rolston Paranoia

Troubleshooters land in WH40K:RT