White Dwarf 81

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White Dwarf Magazine September 1986


Pages Title Category Article
Cover Eagle Rider Art Chris Achilleos

Prints available from Chris Achilleos website

Inside Halls of Horror Ad Gothic Floor Plans by GW
1 Contents Editor: Paul Cockburn
2-4 Open Box Review *Clones in Space for Paranoia by West End Games
  • Star Trek boardgames by West End Games
    • The Enterprise Encounter
    • Star Trek: The Adventure Game
  • Griffin Island for RuneQuest3 by Avalon Hill
  • Ghost Toasties for Ghostbusters by West End Games
  • Lorien & The Halls Of The Elven Smiths for MERP by ICE
  • Star Trek RPG Adventures by FASA
    • Decision at Midnight
    • A Doomsday Like Any Other
6 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow : Carl Critchlow meets Sam Spade
8-9 How Mighty, The Pen? PBM A look at the world of play-by-mail
9 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Aha! Victim!
10 At the Crossroads Pendragon Solo Jousting for Pendragon
11 Throwing Down the Gauntlet D&D Jousting in Dungeons & Dragons
16 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford Critical Mass
18 20-20 Vision Review 20-20 Vision
19-24 Ancient & Modern AD&D, CallofCthulhu A Scenario for Schizophrenic Roleplayers - Part Two of an epic adventure across time and space
26-30 The Sorcerers Book Fiction Brian Lumley Theem'hdra fiction
31-36 The All New Computer Horror Real Action Show Paranoia Mission
40-42 `Eavy Metal Painting Colin Dixon
  • Painting
  • In The Beginning... (Preparation)
  • Lurking Just Beneath The Surface... (Undercoating)
  • Flesh! Flesh!
  • Dedicated Follower of Fashion (Clothing)
  • Chaos, Death and... Washes of Ink? (Metal)
  • Bring On The Sticky Little Fingers (Varnish)
  • Photos


  • C15 Orc Standard Bearer conversion
  • Shield Designs
  • Heroic Fighters: Manfred
  • C17 Skeleton
  • Lord of the Rings
    • Sauron the Dark
    • Gandalf the Greyhame
  • F5 Paladins
  • C35 Chaos Warriors
  • C23 Ogre Executioner
  • Skeleton Horde Plastics
  • ADD86 Minotaur
  • Orcs Standard Bearers: Black Ace Orcs
  • RRD1 Skeleton Regiments of Renown
  • RRD2 Bugman's Dwarf Rangers Regiments of Renown
48 Ninja WFB 2nd Citadel Miniatures :
54 Ad Citadel Minis
  • Lord of the Rings
    • ME36 Orcs of the White Hand
    • ME56 Nazgul, Saruman, Sauron
  • C23 Ogres
  • C14 Snotlings
  • JD14 Strontium Dog ()
  • F5 Paladins ()
  • ST21 Star Trek: Romulan Scout 2
  • LE13 Limited Edition: Inconvenienced Dwarf
  • Goblin Wolf Riders
55-57 Journeys In Time D&D Time travel in FRP
58 Chaos Warriors WFB 2nd Citadel Miniatures
63 Skeleton Horde WFB 2nd Citadel Miniatures
Back The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Boardgame Ad Boardgame by GW