White Dwarf 90

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Start of the "10 year anniversary".

White Dwarf #90 Cover Date: June 1987 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover The White Dwarf Art John Sibbick
2 – 4 Open Box Review
  • Ravening Hordes: WFB 2
  • Power Barons: Boardgame
  • Terror Australia: CoC
  • The Shattered Isle: Stormbringer
  • Mayfair AD&D
  • Wizard's Revenge
  • Beneath Two Suns
  • Pinnacle
  • Crystal Barrier
6 Awesome Lies News
11 Thrud The Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow WD 10th Anniversary
12-13 Green and Pleasant Language Call of Cthulhu Marcus Rowland British Period Slang
14 The White Dwarf WFB 2nd Ad with Stats
16-17 10 Years On Review Ian Livingstone A Decade of WD 1977-1987
18 Regiments of Renown WFB 2nd Ad with Stats RR5 - Harboth's Orc Archers
19 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford
20-21 The Magard Scrolls RuneQuest 3 Jon Quaife Jack O'Bears
22 Fear & Ignorance, Ignorance & Fear Paranoia John Saunders : GMing Style
18 Great Imperial Dragon WFB 2nd Ad with Stats
24 Gobbledigook Comic BiL GW Duzign Studio
26-30 Practice Makes Perfect WFRP Jim Bambra & Phil Gallagher Career Guidance
34-40 Killing In Silk AD&D Matt Connell City Mini-adventure for 4-8 4th-7th
42-46 You'll Never Take Me Alive, Cop - Aarrgh! Judge Dredd Carl Sargent : Perps as PCs
48-49 Painting John Blanche Eavy Metal : Arcane Armorials - Shield & Banner Transfers
52-54 The Difference RPG Erica Lidman The Female Persona
A Monsterous Regiment RPG Alison Brookes The Female Warrior
56-57 Illuminations Art John Blanche The Birth of a Cover - Stormbringer by Peter Jones
58-62 The Ley Of The Land RPG An Investigation of Ancient Monuments
  • Adventures on Ancient Sites
  • Stone Circles
  • Standing Stones
  • Barrow Mounds
  • False Monuments
  • Lines of Earthpower
  • Conclusions
Insert Stormbringer Preview Stormbringer RPG : GW Hardback Preview
66-70 Tales From Mega-City 1 Judge Dredd Hugh Tynan Adventure Outlines
  • Cadet in Control
  • From East-Meg with Hate -or- The Man with the Golden TAD
  • An Excercise in Public Relations
72 Letters ed. Graeme Davis
75 We Gotta Traitor to Find Rogue Trooper Graeme Davis & Jervis Johnson

New Cards - Rules

  • Dream Weavers
  • Bland and Brass
  • Major Magnam
  • Swamp Mutants
  • Colonel Casanova
  • Filth Column
  • Jellyfish Mines
  • Pocket Scanner
  • G-Rations
76 Classifieds Advert
Inside Back We Gotta Traitor to Find : Rogue Trooper New Cards - Cutouts