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Rogue Trooper board game designed by Richard Halliwell based on the 2000AD comic strip, and published in 1987.

Rogue Trooper Articles in White Dwarf

Pages Title Category Author Description
White Dwarf 89 Open Box Review Richard Halliwell Description of Rogue Trooper
White Dwarf 90 We Gotta Traitor to Find Rogue Trooper Graeme Davis & Jervis Johnson

New Cards (back cover) - Rules (p. 75)

  • Dream Weavers
  • Bland and Brass
  • Major Magnam
  • Swamp Mutants
  • Colonel Casanova
  • Filth Column
  • Jellyfish Mines
  • Pocket Scanner
  • G-Rations
White Dwarf 93 Lone Trooper Rogue Trooper Richard Halliwell Solo-play Rules