White Dwarf 86

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White Dwarf #86 Cover Date: February 1987 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Trey of Swords Art Rodney Matthews Originally cover for 1979 Star Books edition of Trey of Swords by Andrew Norton [1]
2-5 Open Box Review
  • The Price of Freedom: RPG
  • Hawkmoon: RPG
  • Hil Sector Blues: Paranoia
  • AD&D
    • DA1 - Adventures in Blackmoor
    • REF3 - The Book of Lairs
    • OA2 - Night of the Seven Swords
    • REF2 - Advanced D&D Player Character Record Sheets
6 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford Demand the Impossible
8-15 Curse of the Bone Call of Cthulhu Marcus Rowland Modern Scenario in London
18-19 Open Box Extra Review Gordon Taylor Dragonlance
11 Thrud The Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow The Black Currant
24-25 Illuminations Art John Blanche The Art of Ian Miller
28-31 Out of the Garden WFRP Phil Gallagher Gnome Characters
33-35 Skaven Scramblers Blood Bowl Jervis Johnson Rules & Team Card Insert
36-37 It's A Kind Of Magic RPG Steve Palmer Technology & Magic
40-41 Eavy Metal Painting Dave Andrews
  • coverted (Ral Partha?) Battledroid
  • converted C29 Winged Fire Demon
  • Goblin Standard Bearer
  • War of the Roses Cavalry
  • Converted JD8 Judge Dredd SJS
  • Citadel Giant head and Uther from BC3 Dwarf Lords of Legends
  • Chaos Abounds
  • C25 Warriors
  • Chaos Broo
  • C26 Men at Arms
  • LE Zoat
  • LE Fimir
44-46 Dogs of War RPG Chris Felton Mercenaries
52-53 The Trouble With Time Judge Dredd Marcus Rowland Time Travel
56 Letters Letters
60 Dual Master Competition competition to win a set of Dual Master gamebooks
60 Gobbledigook! Comic BiL
62 Classifieds