White Dwarf 85

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White Dwarf #85 Cover Date: January 1987 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover RuneQuest Art Angus Fieldhouse Originally front cover of GWs edition of RuneQuest 3
Inside BloodBowl Ad Blood Bowl 1st (Bookshelf) Edition
2 – 4 Open Box Review *Blood Bowl 1st (Bookshelf) Edition
  • Wilderness Survival Guide: AD&D
  • AC9 Creature Catalogue: D&D
  • GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders: *AD&D
  • Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Game: Boardgame
  • An Imbalance of Power: Star Trek
  • Robots: Traveller
  • The Arcanum, The Lexicon & The Bestiary
6 20-20 Vision Review Colin Greenland Thrilling or What? - Movies
8 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford Good Stuff
12 More Than Skin Deep AD&D Allan Miles Suggestions on How to Logically Balance Each Race
19 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Judge Critchlow lays down The Law
20-21 On the Road WFRP Graeme Davis : Two Travelling Encounters
23 To Boldly Go Star Trek RPG Ron Currie Maintaining the Trek genre
25 Entertainers Bushido Steve Faragher : New Career
27-42 A Tale To Tell RuneQuest 3 Jon Quaiffe Adventure - Duke Hires Party to Kill a Broo
44-46 Eavy Metal Painting
  • D&D Green Dragon
  • D&D Red Dragon
  • Blue Dragon
  • Great Fire Dragon
  • Great Spined Dragon
  • Great Spined Dragon converted by Nick Bibby
48-50 Pendragon Greg Stafford Swords of Pendragon

The Sword in the Stone Excalibur The Sword of King David Balin's Sword

52-53 Illuminations Art John Blanche , Tony Ackland
60 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Hair