White Dwarf 97

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White Dwarf #97 Cover Date: January 1988 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Dungeonquest Art Peter Andrew Jones Cover for GW Edition of DungeonQuest
2 – 3 Marginalia Review GW Releases
  • Griffin Island Runequest Supplement
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Character Pack
  • The Judge Dredd Roleplaying Companion
6 From Sprue to You Modelling Bob Naismith & Bryan Ansell Injection moulding
11 Culture Shock News
13 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford
14 Thrud The Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Holiday Cheer
15 Balgorg, Greater Demon WFB 3rd Ad with stats
15 Dark Elf Repeating Crossbow WFB 3rd Ad with stats
16-30 The Valley of Death WFB 3rd Matt Connell Scenario - Dwarfs vs. Orcs & Goblins
33-36 On The Boil WFRP Artifacts of Legend
  • Hagmar's Talisman
  • The Great Horned Helm
  • The Oracle of Boku-San
39-49 Index Astartes WH40K:RT Dave Wise & Rick Priestley Ultramarines
50-52 Trilogy of Terror Call of Cthulhu Grame Davis Three Cases for CoC
  • The Book
  • The Seance
  • A capital Offence
53 Raising the Standards News Jim Syme World Wargames Championchips
58-61 Illuminations Art John Blanche & Ian Miller
62-64 Chapter Approved WH40K:RT
  • The March of Time: Imperial Dating System
  • Shuriken Pistol
  • Mopping Up: Rulebook errata
  • pg. 70 - Bolt Gun and Bow profiles transposed
  • pp. 79/80 - Power Glove & Power Swords - profiles transposed
  • Summary Sheet - Multi-Melta incorrect, refer to pg.86 for correct profile
65-67 Eavy Metal Painting Sean Masterson & John Blanche Minor Conversions
68-69 Blanchitsu Painting John Blanche Layering
71-79 The Madcap Laughs Stormbringer Matt Williams Ruins in Madness
80 Letters