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This is an index of all articles published in White Dwarf Magazine on Runequest.

The first Runequest article was published in White Dwarf 14 (1979) and the final article in White Dwarf 101 (1988), representing nearly a decade of support for the game.

Runequest I & II

issue title description
White Dwarf 14 Lair of the White Wyrm Mini-scenario
White Dwarf 17 White Dwarf Interview Greg Stafford
White Dwarf 19 Jorthan's Rescue Mini-scenario
White Dwarf 22 Open Box Review of The Gateway Bestiary by Chaosium
White Dwarf 23 Open Box Review of Cults of Prax by Chaosium
White Dwarf 27 Open Box Review of Griffin Mountain by Chaosium
White Dwarf 29 Lucky Eddi Oliver Dickinson - Fiction set in Pavis, Glorantha (Also see White Dwarf 30 , 32 , 41 , 42 , 43 , 51 and Big Rubble)
White Dwarf 30 RuneRites Unarmed Combat in RQ (Also see RuneRites in White Dwarf 41 )
Griselda gets her Men Oliver Dickinson ...being a sequel to Luky Eddi : Fiction set in Pavis, Glorantha (Also see White Dwarf 29 , 32 , 41 , 42 , 43 , 51 and Big Rubble)
White Dwarf 31 RuneRites Crime and Punishment
White Dwarf 32 RuneRites Cyclops

Griselda's Statistics from fiction in issues 29, 30, 41, 42, 43 and 51(Also see Big Rubble)

White Dwarf 33 Rumble at the Tin Inn : Bar-Room Brawl Scenario
RuneRites Invisibility and Magic
White Dwarf 34 RuneRites RuneBeasts - Vrak, Nachak
White Dwarf 35 RuneRites Weapon Quest!
  • Caltrops
  • Shuriken
  • Flails
  • Morning Stars
White Dwarf 36 RuneRites Rules Additions - Climb, Swim, Jump (Also in Best of 86)
White Dwarf 37 RuneRites Magic Quest - Spells
White Dwarf 38 Questworld Preview of non-Gloranthan setting by GW
RuneRites Lords of the Spirit World
White Dwarf 39 Runeblades Special Swords for Cult Champions
  • Ritual of Enchantment
  • Volcanic Sword
  • Severblade
  • Blurblade
  • Stormblade
  • Nightblade
  • Spellblade
  • Fortress Sword
  • Vigor Sword
  • Vorpal Blade
  • Chillblade
  • Chaos Knife
  • Vortex Sword

Final Points

RuneRites Monster Mash - The Sharp-Toothed Hydra, The Crypt Stalker
White Dwarf 40 Zen and the Art of Adventure Gaming Japanese Samurai (Also in Best of 86)
RuneRites Trading
Microview RuneQuest Characters - BASIC program to generate characters
White Dwarf 41 A Tasty Morsel Oliver Dickinson Griselda's exploits in Pavis, Glorantha - Fiction set in Pavis, Glorantha (Also see White Dwarf 29 , 30 , 32 , 42 , 43 , 51 and Big Rubble)
RuneRites Unarmed Combat II - Expands on "RuneRites: Unarmed Combat in RQ" article in White Dwarf 30
White Dwarf 42 Shamus Gets a Case Oliver Dickinson A Pavian tale of passion, love and fear - Fiction set in Pavis, Glorantha (Also see White Dwarf 29 , 30 , 32 , 41 , 43 , 51 and Big Rubble)
RuneRites Horses
  • Adari
  • Brevan
  • Churian
  • Dunstop
  • Grazelander
  • Jaldon's Horse
  • Kiang Donkey
  • Klepper
  • Rockwood Mountain Pony
  • Sartarite
  • Standard-Bred
  • Tarpan or Konik
  • Winganna

Horse Breeds Notes

White Dwarf 43 Hanufas Little Sister Oliver Dickinson Griselda Story

Fiction set in Pavis, Glorantha (Also see White Dwarf 29 , 30 , 32 , 41 , 42 , 51 and Big Rubble)

RuneRites Arms Talk - Damage Absorption in RQ
White Dwarf 44 Dealing with Demons, Part 1 : Demon Magic (Also in Best of 86, Part 2 in White Dwarf 45 , Part 3 in White Dwarf 46 )
RuneRites Creature Creations
  • The Kirin
  • Golems (Plus Create Golem Spell)
White Dwarf 45 Dealing with Demons Part 2 : The Lesser Demons (Also in Best of 86, Part 1 in White Dwarf 44 , Part 3 in White Dwarf 46 )
RuneRites : Divinations - Rules Clarifications
White Dwarf 46 Dealing with Demons, Part 3 The Demonic Nobility (Also in Best of 86, Part 1 in White Dwarf 44 , Part 2 in White Dwarf 45 )
RuneRites : Swashbuckler! - Combat Related Ideas (Also in Best of 86)
White Dwarf 47 The Travels of Tralk True-Eye Extracts, Goblins, also see related articles:

(Crom Cruach in White Dwarf 48 and The Goblin Cult of Kernu in White Dwarf 49)

RuneRites Morale
White Dwarf 48 Crom Cruach A Cult for Goblins in RuneQuest (See also issues 47 & 49)
RuneRites Ice, Desert and Swamp (Monsters: Jasmai, Cactus Devils, Tan-Piri)
The Lone and Level Sands Scenario

(Based on Dealing with Demons articles in White Dwarf 44, 45 and 46)

White Dwarf 49 Runes in the Dungeon Variant Rules for D&D style classes
RuneRites RuneQuestions - Q&A
The Goblin Cult of Kernu Non-Gloranthan cult for goblins (Also see issues 47 & 48)
White Dwarf 50 Fiend Factory White Dwarf Personalities for Runequest and AD&D
RuneRites Runequest Hardware
  • Hollow Panel Detector
  • Potion Tester
  • Ear Trumpet
  • Thieves' Fingers
  • Magic Talisman
  • Nunchaka
White Dwarf 51 All in the Family Oliver Dickinson Griselda Fiction set in Pavis, Glorantha

(Related articles in issues 29, 30, 32, 41, 43 and 51 - Also see Big Rubble)

The Black Broo of Dyskund : A RQ Cavern Crawl (Requires Cults of Terror)
RuneRites : RuneQuest Economics
White Dwarf 52 RuneRites Rings
  • Ring of Agonizing Doom
  • Ring of Alarums
  • Ring of Fire
  • Ring of Teleportation
  • Ring of Terror (uses RuneRites: Morale rules in White Dwarf 47)
  • Ring of Flying
  • Ring of Communing
  • Ring of the Nether Planes
  • Ring of Soul Storing
  • Ring of Red Ruin
  • Ring of Shapechanging
  • Ring of Invisibility
  • Ring of Invulnerability
  • Ring of Fortunate Action
  • Ring of Sensing Enchantment
White Dwarf 53 RuneRites Of Oak, Ash and Mistletoe,

Celtic Mythos Rune Spells (Also see White Dwarf 62 )

  • Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Birds of Rhiannon
  • The Howl of Ossar
  • Corpse Candles
  • The Chariot of the Morrigan
  • Herolight
  • Pwyll's Chalice
  • The Spear of Llwch
  • Read the Leaves
  • The Cast of Features
White Dwarf 54 Visiting Other Plains Setting up Barbarian Cultures in RuneQuest and FRP
RuneRites Down Among the Dead Men - Undead in RQ
Temple of the Doomed Prince Scenario based on Empire of the Petal Throne

For characters of 45-65% weapon skills

White Dwarf 55 The Unquiet Grave The Return of the Dead in RuneQuest and FRP
RuneRites Mystic Tryptych
  • Monster: Night Shriekers
  • Rune Spell: The Red Death
  • Magic Item: The Ring of Holding
White Dwarf 56 RuneRites Mortal Combat - Fatigue, Experience Increase Rolls, Weapon Lengths (Also see White Dwarf 69 )
White Dwarf 57 RuneRites For the Blood is the Life - Living Dead
Night's Dark Agents Part 2 : Creating and Playing Ninja Characters
White Dwarf 58 RuneRites Cameos - Short Scenarios for RuneQuest Pavis Adventures
White Dwarf 59 On the Road Scenario Set in a Trading Caravan
RuneRites Blood Sports
  • Gladiators in RuneQuest
  • Pit Fighting
White Dwarf 60 RuneRites Bits of Fluff -
  • Furballs
  • Wereballs
  • Dragon Balls
White Dwarf 61 The Spice of Life An Expansion of Alchemy in RuneQuest
RuneRites Treasures
  • The Helmet of Akhul Wara
  • Fang Warriors
  • The Snake Rattle (Rainbow Serpent Rune Spell)
  • Sunstones
White Dwarf 62 RuneRites Struck by Lightning - Celtic Mythos Rune Spells (Also see White Dwarf 53 )
  • The Breath of Llyr
  • Balor's Eye
  • The Key of Annwn
  • The Cauldron of Annwn
  • Nuada's Head
  • Fimbulwinter
  • Karach
White Dwarf 63 RuneRites Howzat! - Elfball (Cricket)
White Dwarf 64 Open Box Review of RuneQuest, 3rd Edition, by Avalon Hill
White Dwarf 65 RuneRites Forecasting the Runes
White Dwarf 67 Open Box Review of Monster Coliseum for RuneQuest 3 by Avalon Hill
RuneRites Loam Wolves - Barbarian Magic
  • The Song of Earthpower
  • Harmony Rune
  • Disorder Rune
  • Fertility Rune
  • Death Rune
  • Stasis Rune
  • Movement Rune
  • Truth Rune
  • Illusion Rune
  • Luck Rune
  • Fate Rune
  • RuneQuest 3 Clarifications
White Dwarf 69 RuneRites Close Encounters - Close Combat Strike Ranks (Also see White Dwarf 56 )
White Dwarf 71 RuneRites Not Waving But Drowning - Water Creatures
  • Fossergrims
  • The Nereid
White Dwarf 73 RuneRites First This, Then That - Non-combat skills
White Dwarf 74 The Hide of the Ancestor RuneQuest 2 Scenario (55-75% skill range)
Good Games Guide 1 An introduction to RuneQuest


Runerites was edited by Oliver Dickinson, from reader and freelance contributions. An overview of the articles shows the recurrence of several themes, Close Combat rules, Alchemy, Barbarians and Necromancers, along with Celtic Mythos (in both the Goblin and their own articles). Some of these may be seen as filling the 'gaps' in Runequest to make it more D&D-like. During this period Games Workshop published a UK edition under license (the 1980 Runequest II).

Runequest 3rd Edition

Issue Title Description
White Dwarf 75 RuneQuest Ruminations : Thoughts on RuneQuest3
White Dwarf 85 A Tale To Tell : Adventure - Duke Hires Party to Kill a Broo
White Dwarf 88 When Mad Gods Laugh Adventure - Save Nomads from the Demon Song
White Dwarf 90 The Magard Scrolls Jack O'Bears
White Dwarf 92 Demons! Dealing With the Otherworld
White Dwarf 94 The Coliseum Gladiator Rules from Avalon Hill Monster Coliseum
White Dwarf 96 The Beast of Kozamura Adventure for RQ3 Land of Ninja
White Dwarf 98 Iron Warriors NPCs for Griffen Island
White Dwarf 99 Eeeyaaargh! Possibilities for Martial Artists
White Dwarf 101 Trouble at the No. 1 Inn Griffen Island Adventure - Recovering Greenstone from Slarges


The article "RuneQuest Ruminations : Thoughts on RuneQuest3" considers the demise of the game due to the new, highly expensive boxed set put out by Avalon Hill. Games Workshop. !0 months later, GW announce the publication of a UK edition of Runequest III, yet between then and the cessation of Runequest articles in WD meerly two years later, there are barely 9 Runequest articles published, under half the number of articles to support the previous edition of game.