White Dwarf 53

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White Dwarf #53 Cover Date: May 1984 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Art Angus Fieldhouse Orcs bearing the Cirth rune (from The Lord of the Rings).
2 Battlesbikes Ad Expansion for Battlecars, released in WD 46
10-13 The Name of the Game FRP Marcus L Rowland Part 2: A Beginner's Guide to RPGs

More Fantasy RPGs

  • RuneQuest by Chaosium
  • Tunnels & Trolls by Flying Buffalo
  • Chivalry & Sorcery by FGU
  • Warhammer by GW
  • Man, Myth, and Magic by Yaquinto
12-15 Minas Tirith WFB1 Joe Dever Scenario

Battle of Pelennor Fields from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings

16-17 Open Box Review
  • Caverns of the Dead: Dungeon Planner Set 1 by GW
  • Deathtrap Dungeon & Island of the Lizard King by Puffin
  • Traveller Book 6: Scouts by GDW
19 Thrudd the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow The Three Tasks of Thrud

Chapter 2: The Wizard's Lair

20 The Moonbane Fiction Chris Elliott and Richard Edwards A Short Tale of Gothic Horror
21 Lew's Views FRP Lew Pulsipher : Sign Here Please...

Devils and Wardpacts in FRP

22-23 The Naked Orc AD&D Rufus Redderbrun A Study of Orcish Society
24 Crash Course Car Wars Steve Jackson Spare Parts - Planned Expansions
25-29 The Castle of Lost Souls Solo RPG / Gamebook Dave Morris

Part Two: The Quest

30 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Lesser Demon
30 Letters Letters
31 Starbase Traveller Michael Clarke Three of a Kind - NPCs for Traveller
  • Jahled
  • Herve Legrand
  • David of Tenelphi
32 RuneRites RuneQuest Dave Morris / Robert Dale Of Oak, Ash and Mistletoe - Celtic Mythos Rune Spells (Also see White Dwarf 62 )
  • Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Birds of Rhiannon
  • The Howl of Ossar
  • Corpse Candles
  • The Chariot of the Morrigan
  • Herolight
  • Pwyll's Chalice
  • The Spear of Llwch
  • Read the Leaves
  • The Cast of Features
33 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrisson Chapter 2: Starport
34-35 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Joe Dever & Gary Chalk Under Siege:

Scratch-Built Siege Tower Model

  • Akheton Fortifications
  • Citadel C34 Dwarf Bolt Thrower
  • Citadel C34 Orc War Engine
36-37 Fiend Factory AD&D Albie Fiore Slave Hunt: Low Level Mini-Adventure
  • Wood Skeleton - Wayne Burchell
  • Plentyn Nos - Anonymous
  • Zwergind - F.J. Dolan
  • Gremkin - Trevor M French
38 Treasure Chest AD&D Roger E Moore Bits and Pieces
  • The Wild Hunt Competition
  • Hearing Aid
  • Silent Tongue (Sign Language)
  • Unusual Magical Armours (Size Chart for different races)
38 Newsboard News Jervis Johnson & Jon Sutherland News