White Dwarf 62

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White Dwarf #62 Cover Date: February 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 Marauders of Gor Art Chris Achilleos Originally cover of Marauders of Gor by John Norman published by Universal
6 – 7 A Place of Damp and Darkness AD&D Garth Nix Adventuring in the Depths of Cities
9 Critical Mass Reviews Dave Langford
10 – 11 Open Box Review Jon Sutherland and Gareth Hill *Golden Heroes RPG by GW
  • Marvel Superheroes by TSR
    • Marvel Superheroes RPG
    • MH 1 The Breeder Bombs
    • MH 2 Time Trap
    • MH 3 Murderworld
    • MH AC 1 Judges Screen
    • MH AC 2 Avengers Assembled
12 RuneRites RuneQuest Struck by Lightning - Celtic Mythos Rune Spells
  • The Breath of Llyr
  • Balor's Eye
  • The Key of Annwn
  • The Cauldron of Annwn
  • Nuada's Head
  • Fimbulwinter
  • Karach
14-17 The Dark Usurper Fighting Fantasy Part 2 of a Fighting Fantasy Solo Adventure (Part 1 in WD 61 )
19 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Snowman's a match for our hero
21 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 11: "Proot."
23 En Garde AD&D Gary Drabwell Parrying in AD&D
25-29 An Alien Werewolf in London Traveller Jae Campbell Scenario for 2-4 players from Imperial Intelligence

Time Travel to Victorian London

31-33 Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat AD&D Graeme Davis The Manufacture of Magic Items in AD&D

Part 4: Swords and Other Weapons

34-35 Fiend Factory AD&D ed. Albie Fiore O Caber - Pine Tree Spirits
37 Treasure Chest D&D, AD&D Hermits and Hags
39 Crawling Chaos Call of Cthulhu ed. Marc Gascoigne Creatures from Brian Lumley's Beneath The Moors
  • Bokrug (Lesser Independent Race)
  • Thuun'Ha (Lesser Servitor Race)
40-41 Tabletop Heroes Painting Facing Facts
  • Citadel : Oriental Heroes (C05) - Female Bushi, Chaos Samurai, Ronin, Daimyo
  • Platoon 20 (20mm Moderns) Door Gunner in Tamiya 'Huey' Chopper
  • Platoon 20 M13 Troop Carrier and Akheton Fortifications African/Asian Dwellings
  • Siege of fortress built as outlined in Tabletop Heroes: Under Siege article in WD 53
45 Crash Course Car Wars Steve Jackson The Scrap Pile
  • Misc Notes
  • Expanded Power Rules: Recharges, Elapsed Time
47 Gobbeldigook Comic BiL Sturdy Mounts