White Dwarf 61

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White Dwarf #61 Cover Date:January 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 The Suns of Scorpio Art Chris Achilleos Originally the cover of The Suns of Scorpio by Alan Burt Akers published by Orbit[1]
6, 7 The Spice of Life RuneQuest Oliver MacDonald An Expansion of Alchemy in RuneQuest
8 – 10 Open Box Review
  • D&D Companion Set by TSR
  • Timemaster by Pacesetter
    • Timemaster RPG
    • Crossed Swords scenario
  • Chill by Pacesetter
    • Chill RPG (1st, Boxed Ed.)
    • Village of Twilight scenario
  • Witch Hunt RPG by Statcom Simulations
  • The Adventures of Indiana Jones RPG by TSR
11 Critical Mass Dave Langford
14-16 Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat AD&D Graeme Davis The Manufacture of Magic Items in AD&D

Part 3: Rings, Armour and Shields

18 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 10: "Nature Ramble"
19 Starbase Traveller ed. Bob McWilliams The Motivated Traveller - Character Goals
21-24 Beyond the Shadow of a Dream D&D Fighting Fantasy Ian Marsh A Scenario for Fighting Fantasy and Basic D&D
25 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Hints for seven stone weaklings
28-31 The Dark Usurper Fighting Fantasy Jon Sutherland and Gareth Hill A Fighting Fantasy solo adventure (Part 2 in WD 62 )
34-35 Days of Future Past Superhero Simon Burley Final part of an introduction to Superhero rolegaming
38-39 Fiend Folio AD&D ed. Albie Fiore All Creepies Great and Small
  • Bugs (Armbane Bug, Buzzbug, Stinger, Milead Bug, Gnaw Bug, Giant Mosquito)
  • Igni Beetle
  • Flame Beetles
  • Caraxe
41 RuneRites RuneQuest Dave Morris Treasures
  • The Helmet of Akhul Wara
  • Fang Warriors
  • The Snake Rattle (Rainbow Serpent Rune Spell)
  • Sunstones
43 Treasure Chest D&D Prize Competition


  • The Chequered Floor
  • The Acid Pool Trap
44-45 Tabletop Heroes Painting Gary Chalk & Joe Dever High and Dry - Dry-Brushing
  • Orc Hot Air Balloon Conversion
  • Dwarven Gliders Conversions
  • Orc Multishot Ballista Conversion
  • Troglodytes & Akheton Fortifications Inca Granary
  • Chronical : Evil Wizard (CT13) and Citadel : Wizard (C02/1)
  • Citadel Dungeon Equipment
  • Citadel : Halflings (C11)
  • Orc Dingy Conversion
47 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Dwarf?
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