White Dwarf 60

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White Dwarf #60 Cover Date: December 1984 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 (Cover) Art Chris Achilleos First published as the cover for The Final Quest by Richard Monaco published by Sphere
08-09 First Issues Superhero Simon Burley An Introduction to Superhero Games

Part 1: Starting Adventures

11 Critical Mass Reviews Dave Langford
12-13 Open Box Review
  • Elfquest (Boxed Edition) by Chaosium
  • Nightmare in Blackmarsh: Dungeon Planner Set 2
  • Lone Wolf
    • Flight from the Dark
    • Fire on the Water
  • AD&D Modules by TSR
    • UK2 - The Sentinel
    • UK3 - The Gauntlet
    • DL1 - Dragons of Despair
14-15 Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat AD&D Graeme Davis The Manufacture of Magic Items in AD&D

Part 2: The Creation of Rods and Potions

18-21 The Bleeding Stone of Iphtah Call of Cthulhu Steve Williams & Jon Sutherland Final scenario of 1984 Games Day CoC Competition, for 3-5 players in Jerusalem
22-23 Boarding Stations Traveller Marcus L. Rowland Hints and Hazards for the Professional Privateer in Science Fiction Role-Playing Games
24 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud Gets Sophisticated
25-29 The Fear of Leefield AD&D Stuart Hunter Adventure for 4-6 Characters of Levels 3-5
30 Microview Computer Games Russel Clarke
32 Treasure Chest AD&D Ars Arcana - Hints for 8th & 9th Level MU Spells
33-34 Fiend Factory AD&D ed. Albie Fiore Felines, Fungi and Phantoms
  • Bush Cat
  • Tunnel Crawler
  • Blood Spore
  • Helgost
35 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 10: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Base"
35 Letters Letters ed. Ian Marsh
39 RuneRites RuneQuest ed. Dave Morris Bits of Fluff
  • Furballs
  • Wereballs
  • Dragon Balls
40-41 Tabletop Heroes Painting Joe Dever & Gary Chalk A Wash and Brush-up
  • Citadel : Vordak
  • Citadel : Warrior-Priest C100/4E from "C" Series
  • Ral Partha : Ral Partha Converted Ogre atop Land-Lizard
  • Citadel : Orc War Wyvern TA3 from Arcane Monstrosities
  • Citadel : Converted Spacefarers
  • Citadel : Conversion by Alistar and Trisha Morrison
  • Citadel : Great Spined Dragon NB1
  • Citadel : Orc Officer and Standard Bearer C16 from "C" Series
43 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Usin' your 'ead!