White Dwarf 59

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White Dwarf #59 Cover Date: November 1984 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Art Peter Andrew Jones
08-09 The Mad Gods' Omelette Fiction A Short Epic
10-11 Open Box Review

Call of Cthulhu Scenarios

  • The Curse of the Cthonians by Chaosium

( Glozel Est Authentique! by TOME

  • The Horrible Secret of Monhegan Island by Chaosium

James Bond 007 RPG supplements by Victory Games

  • Gamesmaster Pack
  • For Your Information

Ringworld RPG by Chaosium (Based on Larry Niven's Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers)

13 The Ninja AD&D A New Character Class for AD&D usable with the scenario Hour of the Tiger

(Also see "Dark Agents of This Night" article in WD 64 )

14-15 A Matter of Faith RPG : Religious Cults for Modern Day Adventures
16 Crash Course Car Wars Two Decks are Better than One - Double-Decker Bus
18-20 Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat AD&D The Manufacture of Magic Items in AD&D

Part 1: The System, Staves, Wands and Scrolls

24-28 Hour of the Tiger AD&D Scenario for Beginning Ninja Characters

Using guidelines from Night's Dark Agents articles in WD 56 , 57 and 58 For AD&D, use The Ninja article in this issue

29 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow : Thrud greets a many-tentacled form of chaos...
30-32 On the Road RuneQuest : Scenario Set in a Trading Caravan
36-37 Tabletop Heroes Painting Joe Dever and Gary Chalk : A Brush with the Lore - Brush Care, Paints Guide
  • Citadel : Lone Wolf C41 from Lone Wolf series
  • Citadel : Lizardmen (probably C19 from "C" Series)
  • Citadel : Sir John Tyreweld from Regiments of Renown RR2 - Knights of Origo
  • Citadel : Giak Attack Set LW1 from Lone Wolf series (includes stats for WFB 1st )
  • Citadel : Lord of Balrogs TA1 from Arcane Monstrosities
  • Modular Terrrain: Integral Terran by Games Innovation
38 Starbase Traveller : CORE - Consulary Office of Reconnaisance and Exploration
39 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison - Chapter 8: "Shuttle Skuttle"
40 RuneRites RuneQuest Blood Sports
  • Gladiators in RuneQuest
  • Pit Fighting
42-43 Fiend Factory D&D The Great Hunt

Reavers: Orcus' Agency to combat Demogorgon's Death Knights

45 Treasure Chest AD&D : Ars Arcana - Hints for 5th-7th Level MU Spells
47 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Fetch