White Dwarf 58

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White Dwarf #58 Cover Date: October 1984 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
1 Art Chris Achilleos
2 Ad The Second Citadel Compendium
10-12 It's a Trap! AD&D The Pitfalls of Designing Traps in AD&D and Other RPGs
12-13 Open Box Review
  • Lands of Adventure by FGU
  • MERP by ICE
    • Bree and the Barrow Downs scenario
  • Q Manual for James Bond 007 RPG by Victory Games
  • Star Trek, The RPG by FASA
18-19 Night's Dark Agents RPG Part 3 : Tactics & Strategy

(Also see "Dark Agents of This Night" article in WD 64 )

20-21 Beyond the Final Frontier FRP role-playing after death in FRPs
22-23 Microview Traveller Grow Your Own Planets - BASIC Program
26 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow The Three Tasks of Thrud

Chapter 7: The Weapon

27-31 Strikeback Golden Heroes & Champions A Superhero Adventure for 2-4 Characters
32-33 Fiend Factory AD&D Chun the Unavoidable
  • Mini-Scenario 2-4th Level
  • Archeults
  • Pelgranes
  • Deodands
  • Chun
34-35 For a Few Credits More Traveller Money in Traveller
38-39 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 7: Attack!
40-41 Tabletop Heroes Painting Thinking in Colour - Shading and Highlighs
  • Citadel : Frost Giant C28 from "C" Series
  • Citadel : Chaos Fighter & Warrior Maiden C01 from "C" Series
  • Citadel : Evil Wizard C02 from "C" Series & Gallows (series unknown)
  • Citadel : Chaos Fighter C01 from "C" Series
  • Ral Partha : Sylvan Elves RP1
43 RuneRites RuneQuest Cameos

Short Scenarios for RuneQuest Pavis Adventures

45 Treasure Chest AD&D Bigby's Helping Hand
  • Ars Arcana: Hints for 3rd & 4th Level MU Spells


47 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Fruit of another color