White Dwarf 57

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White Dwarf #57 Cover Date: September 1984 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 (Cover) Tribes of Crane Art Tweddell Also used as advertising for the Tribes of Crane PBM
9 Editorial Contents Editor: Ian Livingstone
10-11 Mind Over Matter AD&D - Psionics in AD&D and FRP
12-13 Open Box Review *FRP Supplements by Mayfair Games
    • Elves
    • Dwarves
    • Dark Folk
    • Wizards
  • The Traveller Adventure by GDW
  • Powers and Perils FRP by Avalon Hill
  • James Bond 007 RPG by Victory Games
14 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford The Hard Line - SF Books
  • Heechee Rendezvous by Frederick Pohl
  • Lord Dorsai by Gordon R Dickson
  • Voyage from Yesteryear by James P Hogan
  • Subspace Encounter by E E 'Doc' Smith
  • The Lunatics of Terra by John Sladek
  • A Rose of Armageddon by Hilbert Schenck
  • Time Out of Joint by Philip K Dick
15-19 Traveller Sky Rig : Scenario for 3-6 Characters, requires Books 1-5
21 RuneQuest RuneRites : For the Blood is the Life - Living Dead
22-23 AD&D, RuneQuest, Bushido Night's Dark Agents, Part 2 : Creating and Playing Ninja Characters

(Also see "Dark Agents of This Night" article in WD 64 )

25 D&D, AD&D The Life of a Retired Wizard
26-30 AD&D The Sunfire's Heart, Part 2 : Scenario
31 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow : The Three Tasks of Thrud

Chapter 6: The Third Task

32 Starbase Traveller : The Staurni - An Alien Race for Traveller
33 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison - Chapters 6: The Plan
34-35 Fiend Factory D&D, AD&D : Majipoor Monsters from

Lord Valentine's Castle and Marjipoor Chronicles by Robert Silverberg

  • Sea Dragon
  • Forst-Brethren
  • Metamorph
  • Skandar
  • Vroon
  • Hjort
  • Ghayrog
36-37 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Gary Chalk & Joe Dever Racy Bases - Basing your figures
  • Citadel : Lothar Von Horngrim, leader of 'Horngrim's Mercenary Maulers' C01 from "C" Series
  • Citadel : Grom's Goblin Guard RR3 from Regiments of Renown
  • 25mm Ale House Bar by Limited Edition Castings
  • Asgard : Giant Landragon from Creatures of Chaos
39 Letters Letters
42 Treasure Chest AD&D Words of Wisdom
  • Ars Arcana: Hints for 1st & 2nd Level MU Spells
  • WD Crossword Competition
45 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Enlightenment
49 Classifieds Ad Classifieds


Pages Advert Description
2 (Inside) Ad Star Trek, The Role Playing Game - Games Workshop UK Edition
3 Ad GW Mail Order
4 Ad Dixon Minis, Games Store, Gameskeeper, Sphinx RPG
5 Ad Gamemaster, Clyde Models, Denizen Minis, Fantasy World, Bookmark
6 Ad Samurai Blades, Poison Dwarf Games, Joto, Green Machine Games
7 Ad Games (Mail Order)
8 Ad The Guardroom, Games Day '84, Triffid Software Research
20 Ad DragonLance
24 Ad Nemesis Ltd Software
38 Ad -

Mutants (C27), Ogres (N14)

40 Ad Lone Wolf books
41 Ad Reader Survey
43 Ad Esdevium Games
44 Ad KJC Games - Earth Wood PBM
46 Ad Games Workshop Stores
47 Ad Alchemy Metal-Wear, Dungeon Dwellers Minis
48 Ad MitreGames - Tribes of Crane & Star Master PBM
50 Ad Classifieds, Virgin Games Centre
51 Ad Call of Cthulhu scenarios by Theatre Of the Mind Enterprises, Inc.
52 Ad Otherworld Artifacts (25 mm buildings), Medway Games Centre

Unicorn Games Mail Order, Stationary & Games (KJC Games), Ritz Toys Not Just Stamps, Beckenham Happy Days

53 Ad Essex Fantasy Miniatures

Games Workshop

  • Best of WD Scenarios 3
  • Best of WD Articles 3
  • Dungeon Floor Plans 4
  • Dungeon Planner 2
54 Ad Stratejeux pte D'Orleans (Paris), Games 'n' Models, Tempestuous Orifice (Magazine)

Mike's Models Ltd (15mm minis), Tabletop Games

55 Ad Golden Heroes RPG by GW
Back Cover Ad Fighting Fantasy Game Books