White Dwarf 56

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White Dwarf #56 Cover Date: August 1984 Cover Price: << | >>


Page Title Category Author Description
Cover Transit to Scorpio Art Chris Achilleos
3 GW Mail Order Advert New GW Products
  • Dungeon Floor Plans 4: Mines + Caverns
  • Nightmare in Blackmarsh: Dungeon Planner Set 2
12-13 Night's Dark Agents RPG Part 1 : Ninja and Ninjutsu in RPGs

(Also see "Dark Agents of This Night" article in WD 64 )

14-15 Open Box Review *Battlebikes by GW
  • Turbofire by Auto Ventures: Auto-Combat Adventure
  • Harn by Columbia Games
    • Harn: Master Module
    • Cities of Harn
    • Encyclopedia Harnica
  • The Forever War by Mayfair Games
18-19 The Belgariad AD&D Fantasy Fiction for AD&D

Scenario based on David Edding books

20-23 The Last Log Cthulhu Scenario Set on a Distant Planet Far in the Future
25 RuneRites RuneQuest Mortal Combat
  • Fatigue
  • Experience Increase Rolls
  • Weapon Lengths

see also WD 69

26 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow The Three Tasks of Thrud

Chapter 5: The Temple of Set

27-32 The Sunfire's Heart Part 1 AD&D Scenario
33 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 5: Blast Off
34-35 Plying the Spacelanes Traveller Ship Encounters in Traveller
36-37 TableTop Heroes Miniatures To Boldly Go...

Science Fiction figures

  • Troop Carrier conversion based on Tamiya kit
  • Tabletop Games: Forces of the Imperium from Laserburn line
  • Grenadier : Imperial Marines from Traveller line
  • Citadel : Adventurer on Hoverbike from Spacefarers line
  • Citadel : S33 from Spacefarers line
  • Asgard Redemptionist Conversion w/ Robo-Dogs
42-43 Fiend Factory D&D / AD&D High Planes Drifters - creatures from the Planes
  • Rok-or
  • Magmite
  • Ice Mephit
  • Mind Shadow
45 Treasure Chest D&D /AD&D Don't Touch That Dial - Technology in AD&D/D&D
  • Black Powder
  • Ornithopters
  • Recommended Reading: Fiction Resources
49 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Goblins