White Dwarf 37

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White Dwarf #37
White dwarf 37 cover.jpg

Cover Date: January 1983 Cover Price: 75p << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Art Emmanuel
10-11 Faeries AD&D AD&D and the Land of Faerie (Also see Fiend Factory in WD 38 and The Daughter of Danu in WD 39 )
12-13 An Introduction to Traveller Traveller Andy Slack Part 2 : Refereeing (Also see WD 36 , 38 & 39 )
14-15 Open Box Review
  • Soloquest for RuneQuest by Chaosium
  • Star Frontiers RPG by TSR
  • Crasimoff's World PBM by KJC Games
16-17 Bloodsuckers D&D Marcus L Rowland Brief Notes on the Ecology of the Vampire in D&D
18-21 The City in the Swamp AD&D Graeme Davis Scenario for 5th-7th Level Characters
23 D&D Scenarios D&D Lew Pulsipher Ideas for Adventures
24-25 Fiend Factory D&D Species Special
  • Weed Delvers
  • Crestcat
  • Javukchari
  • Antmen
26 RuneRites RuneQuest Magic Quest - Spells
  • Farhear: Battle Magic
  • Ventriloquism: Battle Magic
  • Power Matrix: Rune spell
  • Trader's Boxes
27 Starbase Traveller Striker Design Competition Winner – Drone Vehicle
28 Treasure Chest AD&D Encumbrance without Tears
29 News News What's happening in science fiction and fantasy gaming