White Dwarf 40

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White Dwarf Magazine #40 April 1983


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Art Emmanuel
10-11 Zen and the Art of Adventure Gaming RuneQuest Dave Morris Japanese Samurai (Also in Best of 86)
12-14 Dungeon Master General AD&D Alan E Paull Pitched battles in D&D - a system of rules for large scale combat (Also see Battleplan! in WD 41 )
15 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford Covenant Revisited
16-17 Open Box Review
  • Soloquest 2: Scorpion Hall for RuneQuest by Chaosium
  • Dungeon Modules for D&D by TSR
    • C1 The Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan
    • C2 The Ghost Tower
    • S2 White Plume Mountain
    • I1 Dwellers Of The Forbidden City
  • Illuminati boardgame by SJG
    • Expansion Sets 1 & 2 reviewed in WD 44
  • Starstone: A Mediaeval FRP Campaign by Northern Sages
19-24 The Eagle Hunt AD&D 1st-3rd Level Scenario into Assassin's Guild
25 RuneRites RuneQuest Trading - Skill
26-27 Assignment: Survey! Traveller Explorer Class Scoutships (Used in The Snowbird Mystery scenario in WD 41 )
28-29 Fiend Factory AD&D Inhuman Gods, Deities for Non-Human Races: Part II (Part I in WD 39 , Part III in WD 41 , Part IV in WD 42 )
  • Firenewts: Hrussiall'k
  • Flinds: arch-devil Geryon (Monster Manual)
  • Flymen: Ssrrpt'ck (See WD 23 )
  • Frog Folk: Swulljagoor (See WD 20 )
  • Desert Raiders: Muadaar Ul-Shaha
  • Dire Corbies: Phraarkilloorm
30-31 Microview RuneQuest RuneQuest Characters - BASIC program to generate characters
32 Treasure Chest D&D Magic Items
  • Arrow of the Inner Planes
  • Druid's Flask
  • Cloth of the Wind Horse
  • Shaft of the Spider
  • Wand of Locking
  • Wizard's Wand