White Dwarf 67

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White Dwarf #67 Cover Date: July 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Art Mark Bromley Mark Bromley's first ever fantasy painting [1]
6-8 Haunters of the Dark Call of Cthulhu Graeme Davis Ghosts, Non-Mythos Adversary
12-13 Open Box Review
  • Star Ace RPG by Pacesetter Games
  • AD&D Dragonlance Modules by TSR
    • DL2 Dragons of Flame
    • DL3 Dragons of Hope
    • DL4 Dragons of Desolation
  • Monster Coliseum for RuneQuest 3 by Avalon Hill
14 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford
16 RuneRites RuneQuest Dave Morris Loam Wolves Barbarian Magic
  • The Song of Earthpower
  • Harmony Rune
  • Disorder Rune
  • Fertility Rune
  • Death Rune
  • Stasis Rune
  • Movement Rune
  • Truth Rune
  • Illusion Rune
  • Luck Rune
  • Fate Rune
  • RuneQuest 3 Clarifications
17 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud the Destroyer Part 5
18-23 Peking Duck Champions GoldenHeroes Phil Masters Scenario for 3-6 Characters
24 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 16: "It's Not Over Yet!"
25 Starbase Traveller Bob McWilliams Worldy Wiles - Social Customs in Traveller
28-32 A Murder at Flaxton AD&D Michael Heaton An AD&D Adventure for Low-Level Characters
36-37 Parlour Game AD&D Stephen Dudley An Examination of the Arachnid Assasin in AD&D - Spiders
40-41 Fiend Factory AD&D The Vivimancer - Spiritual helpers for AD&D
44-45 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Gary Chalk & Joe Dever The Magic Frame

The Low-Down on Close-Up Photography - Part One: Equipment Photos: Citadel

  • Sven, painted by Tony Dynarowski
  • Elf Fighter, painted by Tony Dynarowski
  • Jabberwock, painted by Jackie Hands, Citadel Open Day prize winner.
  • Lord of the Rings: Sauron the Dark Lord (ME61)
  • Law vs. Chaos Diorama by John Blanche, Dave Andrews and Tony Ackland

Asgard Miniatures

  • Giant Troll, painted by Nick Bibby
47 Treasure Chest AD&D Travelling Light - Useful backpacks for AD&D
  • Baranthum's Backpacks
  • Common Features
  • Messenger Packs
  • Transfer and Receiver Packs
  • Switch Packs
  • Starting Equipment
49 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Four Frames


  1. Mark Bromleys BGG page: [1]