White Dwarf 68

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White Dwarf #68 Cover Date: August 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Article
Cover Untitled Art Brian Williams
08-09 The Artificer AD&D A New Character Class for AD&D
12-13 Open Box Review

Boardgame and RPG reviews:

  • Blood Bath at Orcs Drift for WFB 2nd by Citadel Miniatures
  • Dragonroar RPG by Standard Games
  • Chaos Computer Game by GW
  • Legacy of Eagles Scenario for Golden Heroes by GW
  • Twilight 2000 (1st Ed.) by GDW
  • The Worlds of Boris Vallejo Boardgame by Mayfair Games
17 Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers WFB 2nd Citadel Miniatures Regiments of Renown
18 Crawling Chaos Call of Cthulhu Free the Spirit
  • The Clergyman
  • Hypnotism
19 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud the Destroyer Part 6
22-23 Beneath the Waves AD&D Aquatic adventures in AD&D

Part 1: Hazards of the Environment

25 Heroes & Villans Superhero Solo Series - Individual Adventures for Superheroes
28-32 Lone Dragon Traveller : A Traveller Scenario for 4-7 Characters
Insert Free Poster Art John Blanche Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures by Citadel Miniatures
34 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Traveller stats for Horatio Flinn and Syrene Medusa
38-43 Star of Darkness AD&D An AD&D Adventure for 3rd-4th Level Adventurers
46-47 Treasure Chest AD&D Words of Wonder - MU Spells
  • Know Value
  • Wind Shield
  • Invisible Safe
  • Fusion
  • Winged Messenger
  • Phantasmal Mirror
  • Magic Noose
  • Invisible Warrior
  • Mindmerge
48-49 Tabletop Heroes Miniatures Joe Dever & Gary Chalk The Magic Frame

The Low-Down on Close-Up Photography - Part Two: Techniques (Also see Tabletop Heroes: Double Exposure in White Dwarf 77 ) Photos: Citadel

  • Lord of the Rings: Frodo and his pony (ME13)
  • Wizard on flying carpet (C02)
  • Wizard
  • Adventurers
  • Basilisk (C22)
  • Clerics (C03)
  • Giants (C28)
54 Gobbledigook Comic BiL : Goblins - Full Page Debut
63 Blood Bath at Orc's Drift Ad Scenario for WFB 2nd