White Dwarf 71

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White Dwarf #71 Cover Date: November 1985 Cover Price: << | >>


1 (cover) Dragon Warriors Art Alan Craddock Also the covers of the Dragon Warriors RPG
2 The Third Citadel Compendium Ad The Third Citadel Compendium
6 Critical Mass Review Dave Langford
7 Open Box Review
  • The Way of the Tiger gamebooks by Knight Books
    • Avenger! (Book 1)
    • Assassin (Book 2)
  • Vapors Don't Shoot Back scenario for Paranoia by West End Games
  • Masks of Nyarlathotep (Boxed Edition) for Cthulhu by Chaosium
  • Thrilling Locations supplement for James Bond 007 RPG by Victory Games
10-11 The Face of Chaos AD&D Peter Vialls A Discussion of Alignment in AD&D
14 RuneRites RuneQuest Not Waving But Drowning - Water Creatures
  • Fossergrims
  • The Nereid
15 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow More muscular madness
16 Cults of the Dark Gods Call of Cthulhu Andy Bradbury *The Assassins
  • The Knights Templar
22-26 A Box of Old Bones AD&D / DragonWarriors Dave Morris : A Dragon Warriors/AD&D adventure for six characters of 1st-2nd level
28 Avionics Failures Traveller Losing Your Long-Range Eyes
29 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Shadows
34-39 Tower Trouble Traveller Marcus L Rowland : A Traveller Adventure for 3-6 Characters
42-43 Monsters Have Feelings Too Two FRP Oliver MacDonald Follow-up to "Monsters Have Feelings Too" article in WD 38
44-45 Fiend Factory AD&D Just Good Fiends - What Makes an Interesting Monster
  • Psychic Vampire (Expanded description of *Woods Vampire for Beyond the Shadow of a Dream Scenario in WD 61 )
49 Treasure Chest AD&D Divine Guidance - Magic items
  • The Card of Shukeli
  • Tellstones
50-51 Tabletop Heroes Painting Joe Dever Think Ink


  • Citadel
    • Arch Demon (C28, Giant Demons Range)
    • Wizard (C02)
  • Dixon
    • Ninja
    • Ninja with kusari-gama (SN4)
    • Ninja wielding staff (SN5)
    • Ninja with blowpipe (SN6)
  • Legends of Nippon
    • Dai-Oni (DO1)
    • Oni with Mallet (DO2)
    • Oni with Club (DO3)
    • Samurai
    • Samurai Commander with Saihai (war-fan) (SC1)
    • Armoured Samurai Archer (25-10)
    • Samurai on guard with Tachi (FS1)
    • Samurai with Yari (FS3)
53 Gobbledigook Comic BiL Gook and friends have an early knight
55 Newsboard News Including the White Dwarf knitting pattern