White Dwarf 48

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White Dwarf #48
White dwarf 48 cover.jpg

Cover Date: December 1983 Cover Price: << | >>


Pages Title Category Author Description
Cover Lady of the Haven Art Alan Craddock
10-13 Open Box Review Dungeon Modules for D&D by TSR
  • UK1 Beyond the Crystal Cave
  • EX1 Dungeonland
  • EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror
  • X3 Curse of Xanathon

Traveller Starter Edition by GDW Cthulhu adventures by Theatre of the Mind Enterprises

  • The Arkham Evil
  • Death in Dunwich

Car Wars spin off products by SJG

  • Autoduel Champions for Champions RPG
  • Car Wars Reference Screen
13 Lew's Views FRP Lew Pulsipher By The Gods! - Magic and FRP Battles
14-15 STOMP! WFB 1st Rick Priestly : Rules for using giants in Warhammer
16-17 The Dark Brotherhood AD&D Alternative System for Assassins - Follow-up Article in WD 88
19 Crom Cruach RuneQuest A Cult for Goblins in RuneQuest

Related Articles:

  • Extracts from 'The Travels of Tralk True-Eye' in WD 47
  • The Goblin Cult of Kernu in WD 49
22-23 Database Traveller Computers in Traveller
24 RuneRites RuneQuest Ice, Desert and Swamp New monsters for RQ
  • Jasmai
  • Cactus Devils
  • Tan-Piri
25 Thrud the Barbarian Comic Carl Critchlow Thrud rescues a princess
26-31 The Lone and Level Sands AD&D and RuneQuest Scenario for AD&D and RQ/Questworld

Based on Dealings with Demons articles in WD 44 , 45 and 46 For AD&D, also need Demonist Character Class in WD 47

32-33 Fiend Factory AD&D Dungeoneering with Demons (also in Best of 86)

AD&D stats for Demons in RQ articles in WD 44 , 45 and 46 Can be summoned by "The Demonist" character class in WD 47 using spells from "Treasure Chest: The Demonist's Grimoire" article in this issue (WD 48) Also for use in "The Lone and Level Sands" scenario in this issue (WD 48)

  • Gremlin
  • Sraim
  • B'Krath
  • Rult
  • Storm Demon
  • Stalker
  • Porphyr
  • Amorph
  • Pazuzu
  • Demon Wolf
  • Incubus/Succubus
  • Nightmare
  • Akresh
34 Treasure Chest AD&D The Demonist's Grimoire - More Demonist Spells
  • For "The Demonist" Character Class in WD47
  • Used for summoning demons in "Fiend Factory: Dungeoneering with Demons" article in this issue (WD 48)

Also for use in "The Lone and Level Sands" scenario in this issue (WD 48)

  • Detect Portal
  • Elemental Force
  • Hold Spirit
  • See Other Plane
  • Evoke Demon
  • Possession
  • Elemental Power
35 The Travellers Comic Mark Harrison Chapter 4: Zap, Zap, Die, Blamo! (Chapter 3 doesn't appear to exist)
38 Gobbledigook Comic BiL A roast