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HeroQuest was lightly supported in White Dwarf between 1989, when it was released and 1992 when it ceased publication.

Articles on HeroQuest appearing in White Dwarf magazine:

Issue Title Author Description
White Dwarf 113 'Eavy Metal Mike McVey painted HeroQuest prototype models [| see here]
White Dwarf 115 Cover David Gallagher Morcar the Dungeon Master
White Dwarf 115 HeroQuest - 4 page preview advert
White Dwarf 118 Advanced Heroquest - Preview - 1/4 page after the Advanced Heroquest preview
White Dwarf 134 The Halls of Durrag-Dol Ken Rolston Quest with rules for Skaven, Rat Ogres and Trolls
White Dwarf 145 The Eyes of Chaos Carl Sargent Quest into Tombs of the Phalanx with new monsters and a new Henchman