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Index of articles for Advanced Heroquest published in White Dwarf Magazine during the games active period from July 1989 to March 1993.

Issue Title Category Author Description
WD 115 Advanced HeroQuest Advert - 4 page preview
WD 118 Heroquest Advert - 1/4 page preview
WD 121 The Quest for Sonneklinge Quest Andy Warwick Quest in an abandoned Dwarven town:
  • Prince Karad (Undead Champion)
  • Orc Sentry
  • Wight
  • Sorcerer of Nurgle


  • Spiked Log
  • Spinning Blade
  • Iron Ball
  • Flooded Room


  • Wight
  • Rockfall
  • Slime
  • Cess Pit

and Jade Wizard Spell List

WD 122 The Priests of Pleasure Quest Andy Warwick Infiltrating the lair of a Chaos cult. New monsters:
  • Beastmen
  • Chaos Sentry (thug)
  • Beastman Sentry
WD 125 The Dark Beneath the World Quest ? Adventure Based on story in Red Thirst Anthology with Gotrek & Felix and Amethyst Wizard spell list
WD 134 The Trollslayer's Oath Quest ? Quest to recover an heirloom from Skaven for 4-6 Heroes plus Henchmen
WD 138 Henchmen Rules Expansion ?
  • Character Sheets
  • Hired Henchmen
  • Sergeants
  • Captains
  • Elf Wardancers
  • Dwarf Troll Slayers
  • The Wizard's Apprentice
  • Dead Henchmen and Dead Heroes
WD 139 Treasure Rules Expansion ?
  • Monster Treasure
    • Monster Magic Treasures
  • Treasure Chests
  • Blade Venoms
  • Jewels
  • Magic Treasure
    • Dawnstones
    • Magic Amulets
    • Magic Bags
    • Magic Wands
    • Magic Rings
    • Magic Shields and Helms
    • Magic Weapons
    • Magic Jewels
    • Magic Scrolls
    • Magic Potions
    • Magic Arrows or Bolts
    • Magic Bows
    • Magic Swords
    • Magic Armours
    • Magic Robes and Cloaks
    • Magic Talismans
  • Light Wizard's Spell Book
WD 145 The Eyes of Chaos Quest ? With new Henchman to clear Ogres from a tomb complex
WD 150 The Changing Faces of Tzeentch Quest ? For starting characters (should have completed Quest for Shattered Amulet)
WD 159 Rivers of Blood Quest ? Vampire-hunt quest for minimum of four experienced Heroes, who should have completed at least one Epic quest

New Monsters

  • Giant Rats
  • Giant Vampire Bats
  • Wolves
  • New type of Ghoul

New Hazards and Traps Monster Counters and Dungeon Equipment

  • Giant Vampire Bats and Giant Rats
  • Tombs and Statues