White Dwarf 18

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White Dwarf #18

Cover Date: April / May 1980 Cover Price: 60p << | >>


Pages Category Author Article
8-11 Star Trek The Motion Picture Star Trek Tony Yates *Steve Jackson Rules for Adventures in the Final Frontier - RPG & Minis

Scenario One - A Guided Tour Alien Descriptions and Painting Guide

12-13 Open Box Review
  • Darkover boardgame by Eon Products
  • Swordquest boardgame by Task Force Games
  • Dra'k'ne Station adventure for Traveller by Judges Guild
14-19 The Halls of Tizun Thane D&D Albie Fiore : Mini-Module for 3-6 1st or 2nd level characters
20-21 Treasure Chest D&D Tables
  • Which Hand?: Handedness
  • Weather
  • Heritage
  • More Useless Items
  • Non-Player Characters
22-23 Fiend Factory AD&D Inspired by Fiction
  • Mandrake People: Thomas Burnett Swann's Manor of Roses in The Dolphin in the Deep
  • Hound of Kerenos: Michael Moorcock's The Bull and the Spear
  • Phung: Jack Vance's City of the Chasch
  • Couerl: A. E. Van Vogt's Black Destroyer
24-25 The Magic Brush Painting Shaun Fuller Fantasy Figure Painting As An Art

Part 2: Step by Step Guidelines

  • Preparation: Mixing & Thinning Paints
  • The Brush: Brush Use
  • Painting: Undercoating, *Black Lining, Colour Chart, Shading & Highlighting
  • Additional Points: *Advanced Tips