White Dwarf Painting & Modelling Index

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White Dwarf Painting and Modeling Index

The Early Days

These articles were mostly in black and white, with descriptions of techniques and accompanied by line drawings.

Issue Title Author Description
White Dwarf 3 Colouring Conan's Thews Eddie Jones
  • Oil Paints
  • Water Soluble Paints
  • Brushes
White Dwarf 17 The Magic Brush : Fantasy Figure Painting As An Art Shaun Fuller Part 1: Paints and Equipment
  • Scale
  • Paints
  • Varnish
  • Brushes
  • Palette
White Dwarf 18 Star Trek The Motion Picture Alien Descriptions and Painting Guide
White Dwarf 18 The Magic Brush : Fantasy Figure Painting As An Art Shaun Fuller Part 2: Step by Step Guidelines
  • Preparation: Mixing & Thinning Paints
  • The Brush: Brush Use
  • Painting: Undercoating, Black Lining, Colour Chart, Shading & Highlighting
  • Additional Points: Advanced Tips

Tabletop Heroes

Between April 1984 (White Dwarf 54) and May 1986 (White Dwarf 77), Joe Dever and Gary Chalk wrote a monthly miniatures column which occasionally had tips and techniques alongside full-colour photographs of miniatures. [Project Aon] has collected these articles and made them available as a pdf, with permission from the authors.

'Eavy Metal

WD 78	'Eavy Metal : Sector 306, Built by the Players' Guild - Judge Dredd Scenery
WD 79	'Eavy Metal : Converting & Painting Tips from Kev 'Goblinmaster' Adams
WD 80	'Eavy Metal : Painting tips from Aly Morrison
WD 81 	'Eavy Metal : Colin Dixon Painting
WD 82	'Eavy Metal : John Blanche Conversions
WD 83	'Eavy Metal : Birth of the Figure - Sculpting
WD 84 	'Eavy Metal : Dioramas
WD 85 	'Eavy Metal : Dragons
WD 89 	'Eavy Metal : Phil Lewis - Painting His Way
WD 90 	'Eavy Metal : Arcane Armorials - Shield & Banner Transfers
WD 91 	'Eavy Metal : Figure Preparation
WD 92 	'Eavy Metal : Brushes and Color Schemes
WD 93 	All This and Azaroth Too : Golden Demon '87 - First Year
'Eavy Metal : Blanchitsu Painting & Basing Techniques
WD 94 	'Eavy Metal : Making the Most of your Marines - Painting and Converting Plastic Beakies
WD 96 	'Eavy Metal : Dragons with WFB 3 Stats
WD 97 	'Eavy Metal : Minor Conversions
Blanchitsu : Layering
WD 98 	'Eavy Metal : Reds & Blending
WD 99 	'Eavy Metal : Step by step painting guide to GW look
Blanchitsu : Tips & Techniques
WD100 	'Eavy Metal : Better thank Inks

    The Glaze
    The Wash

Fantastic Immigery : Dioramas by World's Leading Fantasy Modeller, Michael Immig of West Germany (featured on this issue's cover)
WD 101 	Blanchitsu : Drybrushing and other tips
'Eavy Metal : Shields and Banners
WD 102 	'Eavy Metal : Faces
WD 103 	'Eavy Metal : Range of Rhinos - Rhino Conversions
WD 104 	'Eavy Metal : The Colours of Chaos - Painting Guide
'Eavy Metal : Mutating Metal - Chaos Conversions w/ WFB Stats
'Eavy Metal : Rhino conversions
WD 105 	'Eavy Metal : Dark Future Themes
WD 105 	'Eavy Metal : Dark Future Themes
WD 108 	'Eavy Metal : Adeptus Titanicus Titans & Banners
WD 109 	'Eavy Metal : Realm of Chaos - The Lost and The Damned
WD 110 	'Eavy Metal
Quick Methods for Painting Imperial Guard Squads
Realm of Chaos Conversions
WD 111 	'Eavy Metal
Pete Taylor
Studio Staff
Adeptus Titanicus
WD 112 	'Eavy Metal

    Painting Horses
    Studio Staff: Golden Demon Winner Andy Craig's Harlequins & Rich Hodgkinson's Squats
    Mick Beard: Golden Demon Winner
    Paul Benson

WD 113 	How to Paint Citadel Miniatures : Guide
'Eavy Metal : : Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    HeroQuest: Prototypes by Mike McVey
    Studio Staff: New Releases
    Pete Taylor: WFB Chaos

WD 114 	'Eavy Metal : Studio Staff - Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    Chaos All-Stars by Phil Lewis
    Steve Mussared: Golden Demon Winner
    Realm of Chaos - The Lost and The Damned: Nurgle and Tzeentch
    Studio Staff: New Releases

WD 115 	Games Day '89 : Golden Demon 1989 Winners
'Eavy Metal : Studio Staff - Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    Studio Staff: New Releases
    Fraser Gray, Paul Benson and Dale Hurst
    Studio Staff 2: New Releases

WD 116 	Fantasy Miniatures : Golden Demon 1989 Winners

    40K Vehicle
    Single Figures

'Eavy Metal : Khornate Genestealer Cult
WD 117 	'Eavy Metal

    New Releases
    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Golden Demon Winners
            Mick Beard
            Richard Kernick
            Daniel Clift
        Staff Pages: Step by Step
        Pete Taylor: Chaos Conversions
        Fraser Grey: Basing & Conversions
        Chaos Spawn: Stats for Pete Taylor's Chaos Conversions for WFB 3rd

WD 118 	'Eavy Metal

    Terminators & Advanced HeroQuest
    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Golden Demon Winners
            Steve Mussared
            Mick Beard
        Dale Hurst: Staff Painter & GD Winner
        Staff Pages: Step by Step

WD 119 	Space Marine Painting Guide

    Blood Angels
    Space Wolves

'Eavy Metal

    Studio Staff
        Advanced HeroQuest
    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Mick Beard
        Paul Bonner
        Pete Taylor
        Tony Cottrell's Dragons
        Staff Pages: Step by Step

WD 120 	'Eavy Metal

    Paul Benson
    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Paul Benson
        Staff Pages: Step by Step

WD 121 	

'Eavy Metal : Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    John Blanche: Step by Step Titans
    Phil Lewis
    New Releases: Step by Step
        Epic 40K
        40K Orks
        BFG (Space Fleet) Battleships

WD 122 	

'Eavy Metal : Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    Ork Banners
    Epic Miniatures
    Staff Pages: Step by Step
        Chaos Steeds Step by Step
        Andy Taylor's Marauder Goblins & Others
    Steve Mussared & Bob Baker
    Studio Staff: Tzeentch & Nurgle

WD 123 	

'Eavy Metal : Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    Ork Clans: Colors
        Flesh Tones
        Bad Moons
        Evil Sunz
        Death Skulls
        Weapons and Equipment
        Finishing Touches
    Odd Boyz
    Ork Banners
    Chaos Conversions
        Frasier Grey
        Nick Reynolds
    Space Marine Painting Guide Expansion
        Officer Personal Heraldry
        Chapter Variants
    Back Cover: Epic Battles Diorama
        Space Wolves
        War Griffon Titans

WD 124 	

'Eavy Metal :

    Steve Mussared: Khorne Conversions
    Mick Beard: Marauder & Citadel Fantasy + Adv HeroQuest Diorama
    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Lothar Bubonicus, Champion of Nurgle & Warband
        Werner Thunderfist: Champion of Tzeentch & Warband
        Warwing, Beastman Champion of Tzeentch & Warband w/ stats for WFB 3rd
        Dale Hurst's Genestealer Cult Army
        Mick Beard
        Steve Mussared

WD 125 	

'Eavy Metal

    Expert Conversions: 'Eavy Metal team
    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Chaos Conversions by Studio Staff
            Dragon Ogres
        War Alter of Nurgle by Ivan Bartlett (Featured in 'Eavy Metal diorama in WD128 )
        Conversions: Expert Chaos conversions by Studio Staff

WD 126 	

'Eavy Metal

    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
            Human Houses
            Eldar Clans
        Ork Madboyz: Step by Step
            Evil Sunz
            Bad Moons
            Death Skulls
        Terminators and Genestealer: Hybrids
    Francis Ellyard: Terminators

WD 127 	Golden Demon Finals 1990 : Winners

'Eavy Metal

    Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue
        Aspect Warriors: Eldar
            Fire Dragons
            Dire Avengers
            Dark Reapers
            Striking Scorpions
            Swooping Hawks
            Howling Banshees
        Rob Baker
    Rob Baker: Dark Angel Deathwing Terminators

WD 128 	

Modelling Workshop: Ork Battlewagon Conversion - Blitzkanon

'Eavy Metal : Guide to 'Eavy Metal features in this issue

    Evil Sunz Army: Waa-Wazrokk
    Ork Battlewagons
    New Releases
        1990 Golden Demon Slayer Sword Winner: Nurgle Predator by David Soper
    Marauder Miniatures Ad:
        Orc War Wyvern
        Black Orcs
    Nurgle War Altar: Scratch Built War Altar Diorama (War Alter covered in WD 125 )

WD 129 	

'Eavy Metal

    Adrian Wink: Golden Demon Finalist
    Guides to current releases & pics in this issue
        Renegades: Chaos Marines conversions from The Lost and the Damned
        Chaos Champions: Conversions from the Lost and the Damned
        Bretonnians: Heraldry for Perry Twin Releases
        Painboyz by Studio Staff
        Tactical Marines: Markings & Colors
            Marines of the First Company
            Blood Angels
            Dark Angels

WD 130 	Modelling Workshop : Warhammer Fantasy Cottage

'Eavy Metal

    Frances Ellyard
    Guides to current releases & pics in this issue
        Eldar Aspect Warrior Squads: Unit painting style
        Studio Staff: Latest releases
        Richard Pickup: Golden Demon Winner
        Bretonnian Diorama by Perry Twins
    Space Marines
        Strike Force Combat Squads

WD 131 	

Modelling Workshop : Ork Battlewagon Conversion - Gobsmasha

    wh40k 1st Rules & Data Sheet

Modelling Workshop : Warhammer Fantasy Town House

    Stage 1- Using the Templates
    Stage 2 - Assembling the House
    Stage 3 - Timbering
    Stage 4 - Roof Tiles
    Stage 5 - Details
    Stage 6 - The Base
    Stage 7 - Finishing Off
    Stege 8 - Painting

'Eavy Metal

    Snotlings & Beastmaster and Hounds
    Paul Robbins: Golden Demon Winner
    Guides to current releases & pics in this issue
        Bretonnian Artillery
        New Releases
            Maurader Miniatures Beastmaster and Hounds
            Eldar Guardians: Craftworld Previews
        Fraser Gray
    Bretonnian Diorama by Perry Twins: Massed ranks of archers set to receive a charge.

WD 132 	

Modelling Workshop : Hills and Mines

    Getting Started
        Safety First
        Tools and Materials
    Rocky Areas
        Templates for Canvas Roofed Shack
        Templates for Mine Entrance
        Templates for Truck
        Templates for Tiled Shack

Modelling Workshop : Baneblade

    General Notes on Construction
    Part 1: Track Units
    Part 2: Hull
    Part 3: Engine
    Part 4: Turrets
    Adding Detail to the Finished Model
    Painting the Model
    wh40k 1st Rules & Data Sheet
        Baneblade Damage Effect Charts

'Eavy Metal

    Stuart Willis
    Guides to current releases & pics in this issue
        Space Marine Scouts
        Tyranids and Genestealers: Step by Step
        Stuart Willis
        Space Crusade

WD 133 	

Modelling Workshop : Warhammer Fences, Walls and Hedges

    Tools and Materials

'Eavy Metal : Guides to current releases & pics in this issue

    Ork Shokk Attack Gun
    Roy and Colin: Citadel Miniature Designers
        Roy Eastland
            Necromundan Techs
            Necromundan Bounty Hunters
        Colin Dixon: Norse Dwarfs
    Chaos Titans
    Marauder Armies: Standards
        Karashalla's Reavers: Dark Elves
        Uzgim's Marauders: Orcs and Goblins
        Ironbeard's Conquerors: Dwarfs
    Diorama of Uzgim's Orc and Goblin Marauders join battle with Karashalla's Dark Elf Reavers

WD 134 	

How to Paint your Ork Warband (Waa Ghazghkull): The Citadel Miniatures way to paint your army by John Blanche and Mike McVey

    Stage 1 - Basic Colours
    Stage 2 - Lining
    Stage 3 - Washes
    Stage 4 - Highlights
    Finishing Off Your Miniatures
    Ghazghkull and his Retinue Oddboyz
        Stage 5 - Expert Standard
        Converting the Miniatures
        Painting the Miniatures

Modelling Workshop : Warhammer 40,000 Ork Building

    Tools and Materials
    Ork Settlements
    Making the Ork Building
    Painting Guide

WD 135 	

Wayne England's Dwarf Longbeards : Painting Technique

    WFB 3rd Total Unit Value

Modelling Workshop : Ruined Temple

    Short Corner Sections
    Long Corner Sections
    The Altar
    The Pillars
    Tools and Materials

Modelling Guide : Miniature Conversions

    Getting Started
        Cutting Models
        Pinning Joins
        Filling Gaps
    Tzeentch Chaos Warband modelled and painted by Dale Hurst
        WFB 3rd Chaos Army List
    Ork-Genestealer Hybrids: Zodgog's Brood
        wh40k 1st Ork Army List
    Kaptin Badrukk's Flash Gitz
        wh40k 1st Ork Army List
        Painting the Flash Bitz

WD 136 	'Eavy Metal : Eldar Guardians

    Iyanden Craftworld
    Biel-Tan Craftworld
    Saim-Hann Craftworld
    Ulthwe Craftworld

'Eavy Metal : Bretonnian Knights

    Heraldic Colours
    Painting the Heraldry
    Designs and Patterns

'Eavy Metal : Ork Stormboyz

    Khorne's Stormboyz

'Eavy Metal : Marauder Undead

    How to Drybrush
    Choosing a Theme
    MM51 Undead Characters
    Lord Morgul's Night Warriors - Undead Allied Contingent (MA5)

Modelling Workshop : Ork Gobsmasha

    Building the Gobsmasha
    Adding Detail
    Painting the Gobsmasha
    Making Other Battlewagons
    Gobsmasha Data Sheet

WD 138 	Alaitoc Craftworld Eldar Army
Painting The Alaitoc Craftworld Army

    Alaitoc Guardian Squads
        Basic Uniform Colours
        Adding More Detail
    Support Teams
    Aspect Warrior Squads
        Painting the Aspect Warriors
    Character Models
        Fire Dragon Exarch
        Howling Banshee Exarch
        Dark Reaper Exarch

Bretonnian Army : Painting Guide

    Bretonnian Knights
        Heraldic Colour Schemes
        Painting Bretonnian Knights
    Character Models
        Army Standard Bearer
    Typical Bretonnian Heraldry

WD 139 	Space Fleet : Painting Your Spaceships

    Imperial Ships
        Gothic Battleships
        Firestorm Cruisers
        Cobra Destroyers
        Ironclad Battleships
        Castellan Shield Ship
        Emperor Capital Ship
    Eldar Wraithships
        Iyanden Wraithship
        Alaitoc Wraithship
        Saim-Hann Wraithship

Blood Angels Space Marine Army : Painting The Blood Angels 3rd Company

    Assembly and Undercoating
    Basic Colour Scheme
    Washes and Highlights
    Tactical Squads
    Devastator Squad
    Terminator Squad
    Captain Tycho
    Techmarine and Thudd Gun

WD 140 	

Modelling Workshop : Fantasy Barn

    Tools and Materials
    Building the Barn

Golden Demon Awards 91 : Grand Finals

        Paul Robbins: Demon Slayer Sword
    Grand Finalists
    US & Canada

Space Fleet : Painting Your Spaceships

    Tyrant Battleship
    Dominator Battleship
    Galaxy Troop Ship
    Goliath Factory Ship
    Eldar Shadowhunter

WD 141 	Mike McVey's Wood Elf Army : Painting Guide

    Army Image
    Starting Painting
    Adding Decoration
    Further Units
    Special Units
        Wardancer Conversion
        Painting the Standard Bearer
    The Chariot
    The Eagle Rider: Painting the Eagle Rider

Golden Demon '91 : Grand Finalists

    C. Fern - Single Miniature
    Thomas Woodward - Vignette
    John White - Single Miniature
    Ben Fox - Single Miniature
    Thomas Woodward - Single Miniature
    Iain Beswick - Chaos Cultist Command Group
    Gordon Kilmes - Tyranid Hunter-Slayer mounted on a Zoat
    John Toyer - Space Ork Single Miniature
    Simon D'arcy - Space Wolf Captain in Artificer Armour
    Shaun Allen - Scratch Built Baneblade, as featured in Modelling Workshop, White Dwarf 132

WD 142 	Undead Army (by Richard Gunson)

    Painting Skeletons by Mike McVey

A Guide to Painting your Epic Scale Forces

        Plastic Miniatures
        Metal Miniatures
    Preparing to Paint
        Applying Flock to the Bases
    Space Marine Painting Charts
        Blood Angels
        Dark Angels
    The Warlord

WD 143 	'Eavy Metal : Studio Armies

    Blood Angels
        Land Speeder
    Eldar Striking Scorpion Aspect Warriors
    Bretonnian Knights

Modelling Workshop : Building a Coaching Inn and Stables for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

    Equipment and Materials
        Tools and Materials
        Safety First
    Constructing the Inn
        The Walls of the Inn
        Timbering the Inn
        The Inn Roof
        Final Details
        Painting the Inn
    The Couryard and Stable Block
        Constructing the Buildings
        Timbering the Courtyard and Buildings
        The Stable and Forge Roofs
        The Forge Fireplace, Chimney and Main Doors
        Painting the Courtyard

'Eavy Metal : Epic Eldar Vehicles from Alaitoc Craftworld vs. The Blood Angels Battle Report

    The Warp Hunters
    The Prism Cannon
    The Wave Serpents
    The Avatar
    The Eldar Dreadnoughts
    Mike McVey's Eldar (Phantom) Titan

Armies of the Imperium : Imperial Guard Colour Schemes

    Painting Details
    Codex Colours
        Company Markings
        Squadron Markings
    Flags and Coversions
    Leman Russ Company
    Campaign Badges
    Super Heavy Battletanks

WD 144 	'Eavy Metal : (Wood) Elven Lords

    Elven Lords
    Colour Schemes
    Shields and Banners

Modelling Workshop : Epic Fortifications

        Tools and Materials
        Safety First
    Trenches, Redoubts and Fortifications
    Razor Wire

'Eavy Metal : Epic Vehicles and Titans
Imperial Guard Army

    Termite Assault Unit

Slasher Gargant: Goff Clan Slasha Gargant
Warhounds: Imperial Iron Skulls Warhound Titans
Basic Gaming Terrain

    Other Scenery
    The Wargames Table

Wayne England's Dwarf Army

        Dwarf Clansmen
        Dwarf Warriors
        War Engine Battery
        Character Models
    WFB 3rd Army List

WD 145 	'Eavy Metal : Mike McVey's tips on painting new Epic releases

    Eldar War Walkers: Alaitoc Craftworld
    Imperial Fighting Vehicles
        Deathstrike Missile Launchers
        Squadron of Hellhound Firethrowers
        Mk II Predator
        Leman Russ Battle Tank
        Rapier Battery

WD 146 	'Eavy Metal : Tim Prow

    Champion of Nurgle
    Coverted Chaos Centaurs
    Tzeentch Disc Rider
    The Last Stand: Dark Angels Diorama

WD 147 	'Eavy Metal : Empire Army Champions and Characters
WD 148 	

Modelling Workshop : Rivers

    Materials & Tools
    Cutting the Base
    Building the Banks
    Adding Detail
    Painting your Model
    Finishing Off

'Eavy Metal : Metallic Paint Set
WD 149 	

'Eavy Metal : Empire

    Knights of the White Wolf
    Kislev Winged Lancers
    Averland Halberdier
    Talabheim Troops
    Gold Wizard

'Eavy Metal : Epic Ork Vehicles

    Goff Warboss and Stompers
    Goff Braincrushas
    Deathskulls Clan
    Goff Gutrippas
    Bad Moon Great Gargant
    Deathskull Gibletgrinda
    Goff Lungburstas
    Blood Axe Clan

WD 150 	

'Eavy Metal : Empire

    Averland Greatsword
    Ostermark Greatsword
    Middenheim Greatsword
    Empire Battle Wizards
        Bright Wizard
        Celetial Wizard
        Grey Wizard
    Halfling Hot-Pot Catapult
    Volley Gun and Crew

'Eavy Metal : Epic Daemons

    Magnus the Red: Primarch of Tzeentch
    Lord of Change
    Keeper of Secrets
    Fulgrim: Primarch of Slaanesh
    Great Unclean One
    Mortarion: Primarch of Nurgle
    Angron: Primarch of Khorne

WD 151 	'Eavy Metal : Imperial Steam Tank

Golden Demon '92 Grand Finals : UK

    Paul Robins: Demon Slayer Sword - Dwarf Army

US & Canadian Golden Demon : Grand Finalists

    Mark Dance: Grand Prize - Chaos Centaur

'Eavy Metal : Epic Squats

    Land Trains
    Squat Warrior Brotherhoods

'Eavy Metal : Empire

    Knights of the White Wolf
    Knights Panther

WD 152 	

'Eavy Metal : Using Citadel Transfers

    Applying your Transfers
    Painting your Transfers
    'Eavy Metal

Commissar Yarrick and Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

    'Eavy Metal: Imperial Commissar Yarrick and Ork Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakam
        Commissar Yarrick
        Warlord Ghazghkull

Modelling Workshop : Hills andWoods

    Getting Started
    Making a Stepped Hill
    Adding Texture
    Making Shaped Hills
    Making Woods
    Adding More Detail
    Cliffs and Rocks

Imperial Outriders

    'Eavy Metal
        Empire Outriders
        Knights of the Blazing Sun

WD 153 	

'Eavy Metal : Painting Units for Warhammer Fantasy Battle by Mike McVey

    High Elf Silver Helms
    The World Eaters
    Blood Slaughterer and Juggernaut

WD 154 	Modelling Workshop : Buildings

Ultramarines : Identification Markings

    'Eavy Metal
        Teactical Squad
        Devastator Squad

'Eavy Metal : Heroes of the Empire

    Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic
    Captain of the Reiksguard Knights
    Ludwig Swartzhelm (The Emperor's Champion)
    Imperial Herald with Battle Standard

WD 155 	

'Eavy Metal

    Empire Battle Wizards
        Amethyst Wizard
        Amber Wizard
        Jade Wizard
        Light Wizard
    Goblins (including Night Goblins) and Stone Trolls

Modelling Workshop : Assembling your Warhammer Model Buidling

    Warhammer Card Building

WD 158 	

'Eavy Metal : The High Elf War Griffon and Tiranoc Chariot

'Eavy Metal : Savage Orcs
WD 159 	'Eavy Metal : Orc and Goblin Painting Guide
WD 160 	

'Eavy Metal

    Goblin Wolf Riders
    Painting Wolves
    Savage Orcs
    Dwarf King on Throne of Power (Thorgrim Grudge-Bearer)
    White Lions of Chrace: High Elves
    High Elf Pegasus Rider
    Empire Battle Wizards
    Orc Big'uns
    Wolf Guard: Space Marine Space Wolves

'Eavy Metal : Man O'War Painting Guide

    Imperial Wargalleys
    Pirate Wargalleys
    Imperial and Bretonnian Warships
    Pirate and Dwarf Warships
    Sails and Pennants
    Fleet Colour Schemes

WD 161 	

The 'Eavy Metal Reference Guide : Rank and File Troops

    Savage Orcs
    Night Goblins
    Forest Goblins
    High Elves
    Wood Elves
    Dark Elves
    The Empire
    River Trolls
    Space Wolves
    Blood Angels
    Bad Moon Orks
    Space Wolf Terminators
    Imperial Guard

WD 162 	Golden Demon '93 : The 6th International Citadel Miniatures Painting Competition Entries & Winners
WD 163 	'Eavy Metal Painting Guide : Review
WD 164 	

Modelling Workshop : Take Cover!

    Soft Cover
        Fronds and Ferns
        Adapting your Terrain Models
        Metal Girders
    Hard Cover
        Rocky Outcrops
        Boxes and Crates
    Have a go

WD 165 	Games Day & Golden Demon '93 : Review & Winners
WD 169 	

'Eavy Metal Warhammer 40,000 Painting Guide : Eldar Preview

    Collecting and Painting an Eldar Army
    The Craftworlds
    Aspect Warriors
    Painting Waystones
    The Eldar Crafworlds

WD 174 	

Golden Demon '94 : U.K.

    Judging Golden Demon
        The Golden Demon Awards
        What to Paint

Citadel Miniatures Modelling Guide : Conversions Preview

    Dire Avenger Exarch: Eldar Codex Cover
    Dark Angels Captain: Dark Millennium Cover
    Blood Angels Captain: wh40k 2nd Cover
        Getting Started
        Removing Components
        Modelling Tips: Making Purity Seals
        Joining the Pieces
        Sculpting Detail
            The bionic eye
            The hair
        The Base
        The Finished Model

WD 176 	

Citadel Miniatures Modelling Guide : Chaos Mutations by Mike McVery

    Chaos Spawn
    Chaos Beastman Champion
    Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch
    Chaos Champion Conversion
    Chaos Dragon
        Planning the Conversion
            Choosing the components
        The Dragon
            The tail
            Positioning the arms
            The legs
            The Chaos Champion
                Removing components
                Adding detail to the body
                The standard pole
                Attaching the model to the base
            The Finished Chaos Dragon Conversion
    Modelling Tips
        Using Find Wire and Chain

WD 177 	

Games Day/Golden Demon '94 : Winners
WD 178 	

Warhammer Armies Painting Guide : Review

    Orc & Goblins

WD 179 	

Modelling Workshop : Ruined Buildings

    Making Ruins
    Getting Started
    Trimming and Shaping
    Filling and Moulding
    Adding Detail
    Applying Texture
    Modelling the Base
    Painting you Model
    Still More Detail...
    Warhammer and Epic Ruins

WD 180 	

Citadel Colour Paint Range : Review

    Revising the Range
    The Paints
    The Range as a Whole
        The Paint Sets
            High Elves
            Titan Legions
            Blood Angels
            Orcs and Goblins
        Mixing Colours
    Future Plans
    Citadel Brushes

WD 181 	

Citadel Colour : Poster Insert

    Citadel Colour Paints, Metallics, Washes and Glazes
    Colour Mixing Chart: Colour, Base, Shade, Highlight

WD 183 	

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : The Emperor and Horus Diorama by Mike McVey

    Miniature Modelling
    'Eavy Metal Masterclass
    Getting Started
    Order of Construction
    Adding Detail
    The Cast of Characters
        The Emperor
        Posing Dead Miniatures
        The Final Composition
    The Completed Diorama

WD 185 	

Wolves of Fenris : Space Wolves Army by Kim Syberg of 'Eavy Metal Team

Modelling Workshop : How to Make an Easy Warhammer Building

    Off we go!
    Equipment and Materials
    Using the Templates
    Assembling the Walls
    The Outhouse
    Detailing your Model
    Adding a Chimney
    Tiling the Roof
    Painting your Model
    Getting More Ambitious
    And Even More...

WD 186 	

'Eavy Metal : Da 'Eavy Metal Brush Boyz!

    Neil Hodgson
    Stuart Thomas
    Mark Jones
    Paul Muller
    Dave Perry
    Richard Potter
    Kim Syberg

WD 188 	Games Day/Golden Demon '95 : Winners
WD 191 	'Eavy Metal : Warhammer Quest Diorama by Mike McVey

'Eavy Metal : Masterclass by Mike McVey

    Armour Finishes

Tales of Victory : '95 Best Painted Army

    Gareth Hamilton's Chaos Dwarfs

WD 192 	'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Eyes and Faces by Mike McVey
WD 193 	

U.K. Games Day and Golden Demon `95

    Slayer Sword Winner: Matthew Parkes

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Golden Demon Open Competition by Mike McVey

Modelling Workshop : Field of Battle

    Making Terrain
    The Games Table
    The Green Blanket
    Battle Boards
    Purpose-Built Table
    The Method
    Using Flock
    Start with Some Hills
    Cardboard Hills
    Polystyrene Hills
    Basing your Hills
    On the Sidelines
    Built on Top
    Sheer Madness
    Modular Terrain

WD 194 	

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Mike McVey

    Open Competition Entries: Golden Demon
    Applying Transfers

Modelling Workshop : Abominatus, Despoiler of Worlds - Epic Khorne Imperator Titan Conversion
'Eavy Metal : Base Instincts - Basing Minis by Rick Priestley

Modelling Workshop : Can't See the Wood for the Trees?

    Buy 'Em
    Easy Trees
    Wire Trees
    Tropical Trees
    Tree Bases
    Leaf Texture
    Modular Terrain

WD 195 	

Modelling Workshop : Tales from the Riverbank - Rivers

    Easy River
    River Section
        Making a River
        The Finished River Section
        Modular Rivers
    Waterways: Scenarios
        Wide Rivers
        The Sea
        Pebbles on the Beach: Treacherous Coast
        Ditches and Duck Ponds
        Enormous Marshes

'Eavy Metal Masterclass

    Open Competition: 1995 Entries
        Necromunda Pit Fighter
        Durthu the Treeman
    The Rock: Mike McVey Diorama

WD 196 	Thunderhawk : wh40k Scale Gunships for Ultramarines Chapter featured at Games Day 95 (Casted weight over 5kg each)

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Mike McVey

    Spanish Golden Demon Winner Jose Antonio: Sculpted Red Dragon

Modelling Workshop : A Bridge Too Far

    Getting Across
    Flat Bridge
    Plank Bridge
    Humpback Bridge
    Futuristic Bridges
    Adding Character
    A Rope Bridge by Mick McVey

WD 197 	How to Paint Armies - My Way : Approach to painting wh40k armies quickly and neatly

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Mike McVey

    Painting Horses (Continued in WD 199 )
    'Eavy Metal Profile with Neil Hodgson: Golden Boy - Blood Angels Commander Dante
    'Eavy Metal Profile with Paul Muller: Dark Cowls - Dark Angels Commander Azreal and Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai

Army-Geddon : GW Store Armies

    Richard Gunnson
        Orcs & Gobbos
        Imperial Guard
    Dean Clayton: Blood Angels
    Jo Bain

Modelling Workshop : Make Cover!

    Wooden Fences
    Wattle Fences
    Walls: Brick or Stone
    Wire Fences
    Razor Wire

WD 198 	Mark of Chaos : Jake Vlemmix's wh40k Chaos Army

Modelling Workshop : Building Success - WFB Buildings

    The Foundations
    To Top it All Off: Roofs

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Mike McVey Diorama - Wood Elves vs. Lichemaster Undead Force

    The Forces of Darkness
        The Standard of Undeath
    Wood Elves
        The Glade Riders
        The Treeman
    Display Base
    The Backdrop
    Constucting the Trees

WD 199 	'Eavy Metal : Converting (wh40k) Chaos Miniatures
'Eavy Metal : Chaos Miniatures

    Night Lords led by Converted Champion
    Night Lords Veteran Squads & Conversions

Fred Marcarini : Italian Photographer & Gamer

    Rogues' Gallery: GW Staff Photographs
    Fred' Dioramas
    Chaos Space Marines : Conversions

Modelling Workshop : Play Your Card Right - Enhancing GW Card Buildings

    Simple Stuff
    The Next Stage

'Eavy Metal Masterclass : Horses by Mike McVey (Continued from WD 197 )

    It's Easy Really!
        Dark Brown
    Patters and Markings
    Stage-by-Stage Horse


'Eavy Metal Masterclass : How to Win Golden Demon by Mike McVey with his Diorama of Ultramarines Chaplain vs. Eldar Exodite

    The Chaplain
    The Exodite
    The Base
    Painting the Diorama

Games Day Review & Golden Demon '96 Winners

    Slayer Sword: David Upham

Modelling Workshop : How to Make Wargames Terrain Preivew
WhiteDwarf201 	Modelling Workshop : It's All in Ruins - Polystyrene trays for scenery
U.S. Games Day/Golden Demon '96 : Open Category Winners
WD 207 	

The `Eavy Metal Team : Meet the Figure Painters

    Matt Parkes
    Dave Perry
    Richard Potter
    Torben Schnoor
    Jonas Ekestam
    Ruth Hollerbach
    Mark Leake
    Martin Footitt

...And That'll Be Corkin'! : 4 ft. tall, 15 level gaming board for Necromunda and Space Hulk
Lustrian Diorama by Mike McVey
Modelling Workshop : Top Terrain Tips

`Eavy Metal : More of this Month's New Releases

    Skaw the Falconer
    Dwarf Slayer Command
    Bretonnain Grail Knights: Command
    The Livery of Men-At-Arms, Bowmen and Squires

WhiteDwarf212 	Games Day & Golden Daemon 97 : > Golden Demon Winners
WD 223 	

The Legion of the Damned

    Background & Rules
    Painting the Bones & Flames
    Sergeant Centurius

WD 224 	

The Legion of the Damned

    Army List
    Diorama : Legion of the Damned Historical Liber Secondus
    Legion of the Damned Commander Conversion

WD 233 	Brad Deicas' Legion of the Damned : Painting and Vehicle Conversions
WD 239 	Oh Canada! : Canadian Grand Tournament Conversions

Three Time Offender! : Tony Ordona's 1999 GT Armies

    Savage Orcs
    Khorne Daemons
    Khorne Chaos Marauders

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Citadel Journal Painting and Modeling Index

Issue 	Article

CJ12 	Blanchitsu II : Richard Wright's Painting > Style
CJ 38 	Master of Chaos : Necromundicon Terrain

    Nurgle Tower and Daemon
    The Black Tower
    The Blood Pool
    Charnel Pit
    Towers of Sorcery 

CJ 45 	Converting the Masses : Modelling with Plastic Minis

Index ends here. Early Citadel Compendiums / Journals are missing from the index.