White Dwarf 11

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White Dwarf #11
White dwarf magazine 11 cover.jpg

Cover Date: February / March 1979 Cover Price: 60p << | >>


This issue sees the announcement of the formation of Citadel Miniatures and the publication of Runequest.


Pages Title Category Author Description
1 (Cover) Art John Blanche
2 (Inside) Games Centre Ad
3 Model Workshop Ltd Ad
4 Citadel Miniatures Ad Newly formed, only listing Ral Partha miniatures
5 Contents Editorial Ian Livingstone
6-7 Fire-Arms: 3000 A.D. Traveller Brian Asbury
  • The Hand Blaster
  • The Blast Rifle
  • Concussion Rifle: Sonic
  • The L.P.L. Stungun: Low Power Laser
  • Incendiary Rifle
  • The Anagun: Needler
  • The Plasma Blade
  • Pellet Clip Bracelet: For Pellet Grenades
  • Pellet Grenades: Explosive, Knockout Gas, Blackout Gas (causes blindness)
  • The Power Holster: Auto-draw holster for forearm
8-10 The Fiend Factory D&D Ed. Don Turnbull
  • Lauren
  • Spook
  • Witherstench
  • Tribe of the Stone
  • Berbalang
  • Sheet Phantom
  • Lapidan
  • Devil Dog
10 News News *TSR released D&D Boxed Set w/ In Search of the Unknown module
  • Citadel Miniatures formed
  • Chaosium released RuneQuest Creatures of Chaos & Apple Lane
  • Traveller licensed to GW in UK
  • FGU released Destrier for C&S
11 Letters Review *WD 1-3: Monster Mark - Comments
  • WD 8: Bow Damage - Good Reference is *Medieval Warfare by Terrance Wise
  • WD 8: Coffer Corpse - Creator's intent
  • Favorite Character Class poll results: MU, F, C, T
12-15 D&D Lew Pulsipher A Bar-Room Brawl : D&D Style
16 Games of Liverpool, Esdevium Games Ad
17 Humanoid Variations Starships & Spacemen Charles Elsden Alien races
18-20 Open Box Review
  • Dimension Six board game
  • Runequest by Chaosium
  • Middle Earth by SPI
  • Dungeon Modules for AD&D by TSR
    • D1 - Descent into the Depths of the Earth
    • D2 - Shrine of the Kuo-Toa
    • D3 - Vault of the Drow
20-21 Treasure Chest D&D
  • Little Old Men variants:
    • Peacemaker
    • Weirdo
    • The Friend
  • Ring of Arms
  • Weakling Class
22-23 Valley of the Four Winds Fiction Rowland Flynn **Chapter One in WD 8
    • Chapter Two: Battle of Gondemar in WD 9
    • Chapter Three: In Greengorm Forest in WD 10
    • Chapter Four: Towards the Stonefingers
    • Chapter Five: The Hall of Wizardry in WD 12
    • Chapter Six: The Face of Hell in WD 13
24 Wargame Publications (Scotland) Ltd, Nottingham Model Soldier Shop Ad
25 Starcast Miniatures, Greenwood & Ball Ltd Ad miniatures
26 Miniature Figurines Limited - Valley of the Four Winds Ad
27 (Inside) GW London Ad
28 (Back) Gamma World Ad